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In 2015, we brought together 200 experts from finance, the corporate sector and land use research to discuss investment into sustainable landscapes.
In 2016, we’re taking The Investment Case to the next level, with a unique invitation-only platform to drill down on concrete opportunities that use private finance and financial services to enhance livelihood, environment and food security benefits. New features include the launch of concrete investable opportunities.

2030 Sustainable Development Agenda

“An integrated approach is necessary”

World leaders mapped the way forward in New York and Paris: now it’s time to implement. Scientists James Reed and Josh Van Vianen urge policymakers to remember the connections: “There’s a danger of focusing too much attention on one goal – and that could be to the detriment of achieving the targets of another goal.”

Marine resources

Of fences and fish

A community in Papua New Guinea partnered with The Nature Conservancy to protect a (tiny) 0.2 square kilometer patch of reef where more than a thousand grouper from three species gather to breed each year. Do we need a landscape approach for oceans?

  • Trouble in Paradise: The island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe is losing its forests, risking everything from livelihoods to giant snails.

Sustaining Smallholders

A year in the life…

Two weeks before harvest, a massive flood wipes out your entire maize crop. You had been counting on this harvest for most of your annual income and much of your food. How would you cope? The World Bank launches a new study to answer these vital questions.

  • Pumpkins from the sand: In Bangladesh, a unique strategy is helping smallholders bring barren, silted areas to life.
  • Freebee: How bees can help raise food security of 2 billion smallholders at no cost

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Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case
6 June 2016
Royal Society London



GLF: The Investment Case – Background documents

Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case 2016

Outcome Statement of the 2015 Global Landscapes Forum

GLF: A roadmap to financing sustainable landscapes


Landscape Finance White Papers

Investing in no-deforestation commodities: The case of palm oily

Tenure and governance in agricultural and forestry supply chains: Undertaking risk-based due diligence

Leveraging private sector finance for REDD+ implementation: Financing mechanisms and investible entities

How to finance landscape restoration at scale: The importance of enabling and impact investments in Initiative 20×20

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