The GLF Scales Up!

With generous and continued support from the German Federal Government for the next five years, there are exciting developments on the horizon for the Global Landscapes Forum. Together we are realizing our vision of being more than just a series of events, but rather a vibrant and cutting-edge Global community of practice to build sustainable landscapes across the world.

Our next phase begins with a new office in beautiful Bonn, Germany.

Moving forward, we've also crystalized our five themes of food, finance, rights, restoration, and measuring progress. With our goal of positively affecting one billion people, these themes and the interplay between them will guide the ways in which we accelerate best practices in the application of the landscapes approach on the ground.

We're building a community of practice for the landscapes approach, developing our knowledge hub, learning lab, collaborative platforms and engagement strategies in order to bring as many experts and enthusiastic change-makers into the fold as possible.

Therefore, with this first newsletter of 2017 we are thrilled to announce not one, but three GLF events this year (although these three are certainly not the only irons in the fire)!



1. GLF Events
2. Partner Events
3. Landscapes News
4. Round-Ups
5. Photo Competition

FOOD - Improving sustainable cattle production in the Brazilian Amazon

GLF Events

GLF: Peatlands Matter

May 18, 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia
Firstly, the GLF will be hosting a thematic event in Jakarta on May 18, 2017. Our one-day event, taking place after the Second Partners Meeting of the Global Peatlands Initiative, coordinated by UN Environment (UNEP) and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), and hosted by the Indonesian Peatlands Restoration Agency (BRG). This event will tackle the complex problems inherent to responsibly managing these precious landscapes.  

GLF: The Investment Case

October, TBC

New York City, USA
Though the date and venue are not confirmed for this upcoming New York City event, it's worth it to pencil it in your monthly calendar now, as it is sure to be a game-changer. We'll be parsing the latest in fintech for restoration: think "Dragon's Den" for climate do-gooders.

GLF: Bonn

December 19 – 20, 2017

Bonn, Germany
Our annual Global Landscapes Forum event will be taking place in Germany's gorgeous "humanitarian capital," Bonn. The birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven will also be the birthplace of GLF's next phase, and provide the perfect backdrop for what will certainly be our largest and most influential annual event to date.

FINANCE - Norway’s $400 million pledge may ‘derisk’ sustainable agriculture


Partner Events

March 18 – 22: Brasilia, Brazil

The Second General Assembly of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020

There is quite a bit that is going to be happening in this five-day cluster of events, so be sure to visit the page to stay informed of everything going on.

March 20 – 24: Washington, DC, USA

World Bank Land and Poverty Conference: Responsible Land Governance—Towards an Evidence-Based Approach

The 18th Annual World Bank event will focus on the role of data and evidence for realizing land policy reform, which ties in nicely with our theme of measuring progress. Registration is at capacity, but don't miss out on live-streaming of the event.

March 21 – 22: Indonesia, Kenya, Global

Cool insights for a hot world: Trees and forests recycle water and modify climate             

Taking place on the International Day of Forests (21 March) and World Water Day (22 March) this virtual symposium hosted by the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA). Registration is at capacity, but check out the event page, read the blog, download the publication and tune in to the livestream.

March 21-23: Rome, Italy

The Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon (GSOC17)

This event will be a scientific meeting, held over three days at FAO headquarters, with 300-500 participants representing all geographical regions and countries of the world.

RESTORATION - Infographic: Peatlands and Climate Change


Landscapes News

Do you have something to say about Landscapes? Say it to Landscapes News, our forthcoming re-vamped platform for all things... well... landscapes! Basically the existing News section on our website will be evolving into a multimedia space for guest posts, op-eds, infographics, videos, and more.

We're looking for expert voices to weigh in on everything from peatland restoration to drones in landscapes research. We plan to make the move on May 1st, so that we are ready to go full tilt for the GLF: Peatlands Matter event.

Bookmark in your browser now, sign up for an email alert for the launch, and pitch your stories to our communications specialist cum editor-in-chief Lynsey Grosfield,

RIGHTS - Tenure and trade: How to make a living from the forests of Nepal


While you were no doubt anxiously awaiting this newsletter, you may have missed a few online events hosted by our Global Landscapes Forum team.

March 3rd was World Wildlife Day, "Listen to the #YoungVoices," and we threw a rousing Q&A session with CIFOR scientist and pioneer of the landscape approach Terry Sunderland. Our top six takeaways from that discussion are available for further questions and comments, so be sure to join the conversation!

March 8th was International Women's Day, #BeBoldForChange, and we celebrated the occasion by showcasing our most widely-read articles on gender.

Today, March 21st, we rang in International Day of Forests. Since the theme was 'Forests and Energy,' we did a round-up of our top three articles tackling that subject.

Stay tuned for yet another round-up tomorrow (March 22nd) in honor of World Water Day!

MEASURING PROGRESS - Analysis shows that 2020 deforestation goals are unlikely to be achieved


Photo Competition

In conjunction with the GLF: Peatlands Matter event, we are hosting a peatland-themed photo competition! Amateurs and professionals alike are welcome to submit images, to be shared on our global platform.
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