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Rebecca Bakare (left), a representative from the Young African Landscape Leadership Program, and Sandra Suubi (right), the second-place winner of the Africa Youth Storytelling Contest, during the "Many Stories of Africa" session at GLF Africa 2022.
“As a practicing visual artist, I've come to learn about the diversity of communities and the various material cultures they have, which helps me create art works that speak about climate justice in the communities - through this, I've discovered that art is a powerful way of working as a creative, visual artist, and changemaker.”

Sandra Suubi, visual and performing artist, second place,
African Youth Storytelling Contest.

Dear reader,

In a year of rampant wildfires, heatwaves and floods, it’s safe to say that even the most kind-hearted climate scientists have been tempted to say “I told you so!” to all of the climate deniers out there.

It’s so easy to feel alone and even defeated.

But 2022 has also been the year when Colombia elected a Black woman and climate activist as its Vice President, scientists across all disciplines are engaging in civil disobedience for the climate, young people have taken to the streets for yet another global climate strike, and activists in the Global South have united to demand climate reparations.

One of the greatest pleasures in being part of a mass movement is remembering that we are not alone when we connect with our community through events like GLF Africa or the upcoming GLF Climate 2022 Hybrid Conference.

You are not alone. Join your local climate activist group today – or create one with your friends. Join the GLFx Community. Discover how you can help achieve climate justice.

Join thousands of experts and communities on the frontlines of climate action. From 11–12 November, we’re organizing the GLF Climate 2022 Hybrid Conference digitally and in Sharm El Sheikh alongside COP27.

You’ll get free admission to attend digitally if you’re under the age of 35 or working with an NGO in the Global South.*

Become a star with just one photo! Show us what climate change looks like to you for a chance to win up to US$400.
*See full eligibility criteria on the event registration page.
Earlier this month, more than 8,500 people from 104 countries gathered online to discuss how Africa can build resilient and just food systems.

From young people challenging the dominant narratives on the continent to local communities taking charge of their own food, one thing was clear at the GLF Africa Digital Conference: people hold the power to take back Africa’s food sovereignty.

In case you have a ticket but you missed the conference, all sessions are now available to view on demand until 30 September. In any other case, stay tuned for the videos scheduled to be released soon.

A day before GLD Africa, hundreds of young professionals joined the first GLF Africa Job Fair to network with leading environmental and development; get up-to-date tips and tricks on how to find a green job.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our favorite art pieces from every corner of Africa, and take a virtual trip to the lush green landscapes of Kenya and Cameroon.


Join this free event on 29 September to learn how agriculture and forestry can solve the global hunger crisis and transform the future of food.

Become the next African GLF Chapter

Are you based in Africa and working to restore landscapes, protect forests, or boost sustainability? Here’s your chance to start a community-led GLF Chapter with €5,000 in seed funding.

Apply by 30 October.

Caribbean citizen climate journalism fellowship – Climate Tracker 30 Sept
COP 27 sponsorship for youth women, marginalised and Indigenous communities – YWCA & AYICC 30 Sept
CIFOR-ICRAF Chief Executive Officer – CIFOR-ICRAF 30 Sept
Application for funding: GYBN delegates at CBD COP15 – GYBN 6 Oct
YEUFRAS-YPARD Young Advisors Mentoring & Training Program – YPARD 10 Oct
IT Support Assistant – EFI 12 Oct
GLF Climate Photo Contest 2022 – GLF 16 Oct
Grants Finance Analyst – One Acre Fund 20 Oct
Intern Environmental Affairs – UNEP 21 Oct
Call for new Africa-based GLF Chapters – GLF 30 Oct
General Call for Applications: Science Roster – CIFOR-ICRAF 31 Dec
Call for Expression of Interest – Internship Programme for FAO headquarters (HQ) – FAO 1 Jan 2023
Call for Expression of Interest – Internship Programme for Africa (RAF) – FAO 1 Jan 2023
Call for Expression of Interest – Internship Programme for Europe and Central Asia (REU) – FAO 1 Jan 2023
Call for Expression of Interest – Internship Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC) – FAO 1 Jan 2023
Call for Expression of Interest – Internship Programme for Asia and the Pacific (RAP) – FAO 1 Jan 2023
Call for Expression of Interest – Internship Programme for Near East and North Africa (RNE) – FAO 1 Jan 2023
Call for Expression of Interest - Fellows Programme for FAO Regional/Sub-regional, Country, Liaison Offices and headquarters – FAO 1 Jan 2023
Junior Professional Associate – FAO Ongoing
General call for applications - Consultant roster – CIFOR-ICRAF Ongoing
Associate - Climate, WRI India – World Resources institute Ongoing
All the best,
Hyginus Laari and the GLF youth team
Youth Communications Officer
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