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Special Edition
Join us next week at the GLF Amazonia Digital Conference: The Tipping Point - Solutions from the Inside Out from 21-23 September. We’ve got 200 tickets to giveaway - first come, first served! Scroll down to find the code. Remember that GLF Amazonia is free for residents of countries in Latin America & Caribbean.

Young people around the world are rising up together, making their voices heard in protest against climate change, the destruction of their futures and of the future of our planet. In Colombia, for example, young activists are backing their legal fight for climate justice with action on the streets. Youth will be taking their concerns to COP 26 in Glasgow later this year. A recent worldwide survey of youth showed very high levels of concern – and also of engagement.

So now, how can we support this mass youth movement, while working for our present and futures?

GLF Amazonia offers a unique opportunity for youth – particularly, those across Latin America and the Caribbean – to learn from each other and inspire action. We will be joined by thousands of participants, including youth leaders, scientists, policymakers, activists, investors, restoration practitioners, community and Indigenous groups, civil society organizations, media and more.

This event will feature around 30 young speakers and stream seven youth-led sessions; additionally, some 40 participants have been selected for a mentorship program.

Find the event agenda here. Please note that all times are displayed in your own particular timezone.

This audience-favorite, youth-led program is back with three new episodes! Put all three of them in your agenda and be sure to join in.
On 21 September 2021, tune in to the “Young women in action: protecting rights of people and nature” episode of the Youth Daily Show, and hear how women are at the forefront of the work being done to defend the rights of people and nature in the Amazon.
Is it possible for young people to earn a living while at the same time respecting nature? Two young entrepreneurs think that the answer is definitely “YES” , and will share the details of their efforts on 22 September 2021 during the “Young Ecopreneurs: moving away from business as usual” episode of the Youth Daily Show.
On 23 September 2021, join the “Climate Activism in Brazil 101” episode of the Youth Daily Show to hear the personal stories of two activists who are deeply involved in the climate movement of the Amazon region. Learn how finding your voice and community is crucial to changing the systems that are contributing to the climate crisis.
Grab a cup of coffee and tune in for a discussion with experts from Latin America and the Caribbean to explore various issues relevant to the Amazonian rainforest.

21 September 2021
Imagine you are having a coffee with an expert on gender and environmental governance. What questions would you ask? During this brief session, we will have the opportunity to discuss some of our questions with Iliana Monterroso from CIFOR.

22 September 2021
Join us for a coffee with Indigenous leader Sineia Wapichana, a defender of the biocultural and climate integrity of the Amazon rainforest, to hear about Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ roles in addressing devastating forest fires and the climate crisis.

23 September 2021
Join us for a coffee with Felipe Villela, a Brazilian expert on land restoration utilizing regenerative agriculture, and founder of reNature, to explore how we can change agribusiness as usual for the future of the people and the planet.

23 September 2021
What would you ask Alcilene Cardoso, a lawyer and expert on community-led action, if you had the chance for a coffee together? Tune in this session to find out more about how local communities are already supporting ecosystem restoration in the Amazon region.

21 September 2021
The Amazon forest dieback: the science, impacts and solutions

22 September 2021
The geopolitics of zero deforestation: Connecting the demand and supply sides of the story

23 September 2021
Voices of the Landscapes: New paradigms for human-nature relations

We are looking forward to seeing you in GLF Amazonia!

Grab your free ticket here:

Once you’re in a session, grab your favorite snacks and beverage, get comfortable and enjoy the event. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your thoughts in the chat available throughout the sessions.

A special thanks to over 150 amazing volunteers who are supporting GLF Amazonia!

Make sure to also join us at GLF Climate alongside COP 26 in Glasgow! If you can’t make it to Glasgow, we’ll bring Glasgow to you!

As uneven access to vaccinations and travel budgets hamper many climate heroes’ desires to attend COP26 – particularly young people and those in the Global South – the GLF Climate Hybrid Conference provides a channel for bringing more of these critical voices to the table.

This hard-hitting, inclusive climate event will create a physical and digital space where climate heroes, local stewards, and Indigenous Peoples, and GLF's 250,000+ strong community can join forces with the wider community to debate, discuss and act on the latest evidence and analysis for navigating the climate crisis. All are welcome to join us at the historic University of Glasgow or online on 5-7 November 2021.

We’ll see you there!

The GLF Youth Team

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