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July 15, 2021

Permanent Pickleball Courts Coming to Napa!!

Hello <<First Name>>,

Our Napa Parks & Recreation team scheduled the Las Flores Park project for sometime in Spring 2022. The project is to repair and resurface both courts at Las Flores Park Sport courts. In addition, the court we play on will be re-striped for pickleball only, with in-the-ground nets that we fundraised for successfully!    

Through our website and our Facebook page, there have been a steady stream of inquiries from tourists coming to the Napa Valley wanting to know where they can play pickleball.

Want to try your hand at tournament play?!

With restrictions loosening up from the pandemic, not only is tourism opening up but so are pickleball tournaments all over California and the country.  If you are a member of USA Pickleball Association and receive their newsletter you will see many locations for tournaments happening again.

Final thoughts

Last but not least, there is another story in the works about pickleball that will run in the Napa Register sometime in August.  No doubt about it, pickleball is gaining more and more attention here in Napa.  I recently read that there are 50 public parks in the City of Napa, yet there are only two tennis/pickleball sports courts located at Las Flores Park.  How is it that the surrounding cities and counties like Sonoma, Concord and Walnut Creek have multiple courts at their public parks and Napa has only two.  That boggles my mind!

Peace, Love, Pickleball ............................. Susan SegalWood

The Coaches Corner

We had our first mini-clinic, Bangers, and we had a BLAST learning how to deal with blasters!  We are doing our mini-clinics on the second Sunday of each month at 1030 am at Las Flores Park.  We have a series of clinics planned for the remaining of the year.  The first will be on AUGUST 8 and is an overview of Basic Strategy.  We will follow that with a series of clinics focusing on the 3 phases of a point.  On SEPTEMBER 12 we start with Advantage (getting to the net or keeping them back), on OCTOBER 10 we focus on Levels of Dinking, and finish the series on NOVEMBER 14 with Attack (when, how, defending).  Finally, on DECEMBER 12 we learn about Partnering (how to be play well with a partner).  After each clinic anyone interested can join us at a local lunch spot for a little social interaction.  No sign up required!!


Every Sunday at 9 am we are at Las Flores Park to teach beginners!  Bring someone you know and get them interested in the game we love to play!  Pickleball is all about FUN and I love to support your learning and development about the game.  I’m happy to stick around after the lessons and clinics to help anyone who has a question or needs a little help on their game.

If you know someone in American Canyon interested in Pickleball, I’m teaching beginners clinics in American Canyon on September 25th and November 6th.  Watch for more detail in August’s Newsletter.


Keep on picklin'...................................................................................... Charles Zook

Get a Napa Valley Pickleball Water Bottle

Summer is here and everyone needs to hydrate!  Why not do it with our own Napa Valley Pickleball water bottle in several fun colors!  The cost is $25 and for $5 more you can get it personalized.  For every bottle sold, Napa Valley Pickleball gets a percentage.

Contact Todd Simpson for your water bottle order or (707) 478-6435

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