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Issue: February 2021

We are starting to see the beautiful mustard growing in and among our vineyards, which means Spring is on its way. Along with this sign of spring, we're seeing positive news on the COVID front and we have our fingers crossed that we will be moving into the Red Tier soon. That means that Las Flores will be humming again with foursomes and more pickleball!

Your Steering Committee has been busy negotiating with Napa Parks & Recreation and the Napa Parks & Recreation Foundation to get dedicated and improved pickleball courts at Las Flores Park. The Foundation has set up a donation account for us called "Las Flores Pickleball" but we are still negotiating with both entities. I hope that we'll have more information to share with you in our next newsletter.

I'm excited to share with you that there is an article about Napa Valley Pickleball to be published in the Spring Issue of Napa Valley Life Magazine. We're anticipating a good story and, by the way, yours truly did the photographs. Our Yountville Pickleball friends and our group participated in this story. Look for it! 

Stay tuned for more pickleball news you can use. 
Peace, Love, Pickleball.................. Susan SegalWood 

Just what is a Pickleball Ambassador? We are volunteer representatives and unofficial spokespersons for USA Pickleball in the geographical area we represent. Our primary responsibility is to promote and grow the sport of pickleball, which I’m happy to do in Napa County!

Ambassadors can be individuals or couples who work with communities, clubs, and recreational facilities to guide and help build pickleball programs for all to enjoy. In Napa, we work with the City of Napa and Town of Yountville Parks & Rec, as well as across our Region to enhance the development of the game. The main prerequisites — and what we all share — are love of the sport and the desire to share it with others of all ages........ Don Stirling, Ambassador

Everything You Need to Know About the New Drop Serve

Along with the normal serve, you can now drop the ball from any height – even from your tippy toes -- and hit it underhand, backhand or forehand, and with any kind of spin!

Wait, there’s more! If you don’t like the bounce, you can drop the ball again within 10 seconds of calling the score. And the ball can bounce twice, if you can get down that low.

Some do’s & don’ts: When dropping the ball, don’t propel it – let gravity do its work. Ball contact below the waist, paddle angle and upward arc no longer apply.

The drop serve was created to make it easier for refs to call faults and for beginners to learn the game. It’s being tried for one year and you can continue to use the traditional serve (or the COVID serve, too.)

But, what’s the COVID serve? We’ll see if anyone asks next month .............................. Charles Zook, Skill Development

We are looking forward to seeing you on the courts!

Happy Spring,
Susan Segal-Wood,
Nancy Snowden, 
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