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May 8, 2021

Thank You!

<<First Name>>,
Beyond being able to play pickleball in one of the most beautiful places in the world, we have a lot of “Thanks!” to mention this month!

We Met the Match!
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who donated for the in-ground nets! We matched our $2,500 challenge gift and went on to achieve our goal of $6,400.00 within two weeks of our request! That says a lot about our community and the interest in pickleball here in Napa.

Napa Parks and Recreation manager, Katrina Gregory, has informed us that the Las Flores resurfacing project is part of their "Capital Improvement Project" budget for 2021/2022. The bidding process will begin in July and we will have the opportunity to provide input. Our goal is a professional, durable, and environmentally friendly surface, similar to Yountville's pickleball courts. We want to take the long view with courts that require less maintenance and that are easier on the joints. A world class Valley needs a world class surface!

Peace, Love, Pickleball ............................. Susan SegalWood

The Coaches Corner

First, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who organized and participated in our first pickleball clinic. Sixteen players showed up to learn their current USPA ratings and how to take it to the next level. A special thanks to our skills development leader, Charles Zook, for his time, enthusiasm, and talent for guiding us through the session.

Thoughts from Coach Charles

So Coach, how DO we get better? First, I recommend getting clear about your goals. Do you want to just have fun? That's great and pickleball is perfect for that. 

Or, if you really want to improve, it requires some work, which can be fun along the way and it's super rewarding to see growth. However, improvement won't happen by just playing for fun. Getting better takes time. In tennis, it is often said that you are either practicing how to get better (what we call Picklin'), or you are just practicing your bad habits. 

If you want to grow, let us know what workshops you would like us to provide and help us put it together. Drop us a note at to get started.

Sundays at Las Flores

If you're new to the game of pickleball, join us on a Sunday morning in May. From 9:00am to 10:00am, I'll be at Las Flores to help beginners learn to play. AND, once I have the beginners going, I'll be available to support anyone with their game, in whatever area you want. 

I would be thrilled if every Sunday there were peeps wanting to learn. Hope to see you out there. 

Enjoy each moment ............................................................................... Charles Zook

From Our USA Pickleball Ambassador

As your ambassador, I'd like to tell you a little about USA Pickleball and it’s membership benefits.

USA Pickleball is a non-profit and the official national governing body for pickleball in the U.S. Its mission is to promote the development and growth of pickleball. Your membership helps support expanding youth and adult programs, maintaining rules and equipment standards, developing club, league and educator programs, and increasing participant opportunities in sanctioned events.

Consider joining and growing the sport you love. Check out their website!

Live Long & Prosper ................................ Don Stirling


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