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Issue 7, February 2014

Action Planning Begins in SWIFT Implementation Sites

In December, SWIFT LEA facilitators held a data meeting to review achievement, behavior, and FIT (Fidelity of Implementation Tool) data from each SWIFT school. Now, the LEA facilitators are sharing with each school and district a "data snapshot," which helps begin their action planning processes. The school leadership teams will add their insights to these data to further guide the action planning. Additionally, LEA facilitators are teaching district and school leadership teams how to increase school-level understanding of the SWIFT Domains and Features. It is exciting to see these SWIFT states, districts, and schools in action!  

Upcoming Events

APBS Interactive Live Webinar
February 20, 2014, 4:00-5:30 PM EST
Featuring Kathleen Lynne Lane, Ph.D.
"Using Systematic Screening to Support Students within Tiered Models of Prevention: Data Informed Decision Making"

Kathleen Lynne Lane, Ph.D.

All Means All in Oregon!

by LEA Facilitator Jessica Dunn

The Special Education Department of the Portland Public Schools (PPS) in Oregon is dedicated to inclusive practice by “ensuring that all students have access to high quality instruction responsive to their needs and delivered by effective and culturally responsive educators within the Least Restrictive Environment.” This dedication is widely advertised through their collectively created "Wordle," which is proudly displayed on district office doors, hallways, and the PPS website. What’s more? District officials not only talk the talk of inclusive practice, they are enthusiastically walking the walk. Integration of services and collaboration across district departments has begun…and the SWIFT Center is thrilled to partner with PPS as they dig deeper!

On January 23, 2014, members of the SWIFT team (Wayne Sailor, Melinda Mitchiner, Jenny Stonemeier, and I) traveled to PPS to discuss plans for transformation. Discussions centered on braiding the PPS Successful Schools Framework with the SWIFT Framework and how SWIFT can support PPS moving forward. Over the next three and a half years, SWIFT is committed to providing PPS (and three other districts in Oregon: Pendleton, Redmond, and Sisters) with technical assistance to improve academic and behavioral outcomes through the integration of services. Partnership with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) supports transformation processes across the state. The SWIFT team returns to Portland at the end of February and again in March to continue weaving the PPS Successful Schools Framework with SWIFT—and we can’t wait!

SWIFT Talk -
Our Community of Practice

Are you reading and sharing the blogs on SWIFT Talk?  Our website and social media traffic indicate that you are; but what we really want to know is how are they resonating with what is happening in your schools and classrooms? Susan Shapiro’s post "Through the Eyes of the ‘Other Kids'" provides a somewhat painful perspective on the practices of educating students separately. Mary Schuh gives some terrific ideas about the role of the paraprofessional in the inclusive school—ideas we are learning about from our visits with our Knowledge Development Sites. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts from Amy McCart, one of the SWIFT Center leaders; Harriet Shapiro-Barnard, a student who is actively working to make her school inclusive; and Lacy Redd, principal of Newberry Elementary School where family and community members are actively engaged! Read, share, and tell us what you think!

SWIFT Runs on Research

If you are a frequent visitor to our website (we hope that you are), you may have noticed the many changes and additions we are making in order to be a premier resource for all things inclusive and educationally transformative. The research portion of the site provides a summary of the evidence behind the SWIFT Domains and Features and a link to a document that highlights the most relevant and impressive data driving our work in schools across the country. Be sure to download the document and share it widely, and if you come across research that should be added, please forward it along!  Our intention is to maintain the most up-to-date research database related to inclusive schools, and we hope that you are able to utilize this resource to promote the SWIFT Domains and Features in your school.

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