A lot of exciting work happening in our SWIFT States. Here's a small taste!
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Technical Assistance Gearing Up

SWIFT states are embracing the SWIFT vision!  Each state is hosting an event to launch SWIFT with their participating schools and districts. The attendees are beginning these launches by digging deeper into the SWIFT Domains and Features. This activity is helping teams discover how SWIFT can work for them, and what their SWIFT Schools will look like. Next, teams discuss how they will share their SWIFT vision with other stakeholders from the schools and districts in their state.  Finally, time is spent exploring an additional topic related to the SWIFT features, such as Tier 1 Academic Instruction or Family/Community Engagement. Teams are also spending their time learning more about the nuts and bolts of SWIFT Technical Assistance and what to expect during the SWIFT Exploration stage.  The events end with teams creating action plans to move SWIFT forward. If the enthusiasm at these state launches is any indication of things to come, we cannot wait to see what the future of SWIFT holds!

SWIFT Knowledge Development Field Study Visits

We are learning so much from the students at our knowledge development sites. The focus group facilitator at William Henderson Inclusion School had this to say about the experience; “Students who have attended Henderson since kindergarten know nothing but complete inclusion. They speak eloquently and passionately about the importance and value of including all students. They recognize that all students, regardless of disability might need different supports and teaching methods to be successful and appreciate that Henderson teachers provide this. They said at Henderson REALLY no child is left behind.” Observations at William Henderson support what the students are reporting. The students independently problem solve ways their peers can participate in activities with them, especially at recess. It really is amazing to see students living the SWIFT vision of All Means All. The students at each of our knowledge development sites are teaching us so much. Their knowledge and insight will help shape inclusive practices in SWIFT schools. We look forward to sharing our findings with you in the future. 
SWIFT Talk Blog Live
The SWIFT blog is LIVE! Check it out at www.swiftschools.org/blog.
The blog is a great place to find resources and to hear about what is happening with SWIFT. You can also get strategies for inclusive education from others in the field. Join the conversation!
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