8|24|2022 At the Crossroads: Facing our fears.

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The people were quick to say yes, but not everyone wanted to see the walls rebuilt.  Almost immediately Nehemiah faced opposition to his efforts to rebuild the wall.  I’m sure their enemies enjoyed a defenseless Jerusalem.  They were easy targets and they could come and go and do as they wished.  But Nehemiah wasn’t afraid of their attacks.  Instead he confronts the opposition, reminding the people of the God who fights for them. 

“The God of heaven is the one who will give us success, and we his servants are going to start building; but you have no share or claim or historic right in Jerusalem.” Nehemiah 2:20

Jerusalem was more than just a city.  It was the cultural and religious center for the Jews.  God had chosen them to be a special people, set apart from all other nations on the earth.  He chose to enter into a covenant with them, and promised them the very ground in which they now had lived.  Jerusalem wasn’t just a capital, it was their spiritual home as well, for God’s presence was there with them in the temple, just as it had gone before them in the days of Moses and Joshua and King David.  

But over the years the people had forgotten about the God who fought for them.  They forgot about the God who promised them this land.  For decades they had lived defeated, under the constant fear of attack.  They had given space to their enemies.  But I love Nehemiah’s response, “you have no share, no claim, no right here!”  

Have you given space to something that doesn’t belong in your life?  Sometimes the crossroads we encounter can scare us.  Our defenses are knocked down.  The enemy comes and goes, and we forget about the God who is victorious, the God who fights for us, the God who is with us, even in the rubble.  It is important we don’t give the enemy any space in our life, in our hearts, or in our minds, for the enemy has no claim here!  You are loved by God, and all those who have put their faith in Christ have been called God’s children.  Rather than living with fear, and putting our faith in the worst possible outcome, Jesus calls us to faith in the God who is with us, for us, and fighting on our behalf.  So the next time the enemy meets you at the crossroads, remind him, he has no claim here!

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Gordon




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