2|17|2022 Love Is Cherished

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When the kids got off the bus they wanted to know how the funeral went.  I had to pause for a second, because can you really say a funeral was “good?”  Grief is heavy work.  We mourn those we love.  We genuinely care for each other and the painful seasons we encounter, and yet my heart was full.  As we shared stories, talked about her quick whit and sense of humor, and replayed memories we will always hang on to, I couldn’t help but feel Sandy’s smile as I reflected on the day.  It was a good day.  A hard day, but good.  A day full of love.  A love that cherishes.

Webster’s dictionary defines Cherish this way: 1 to treat with love or care; hold dear; take good care of [to cherish one’s family; to cherish one’s rights] 2 to keep firmly in the mind; cling to the idea or feeling of [I cherish the hope that they will be friends again.] - 
(Webster’s New World Basic Dictionary of American English - Smithmark Publishers 1999)

Love goes beyond a romantic feeling.  It is more than just a commitment we make to each other.  Love isn’t a tool we use to manipulate another or get something we want.  Love is something we cherish.  

Now, usually this is where I would do a deep dive into the original Hebrew or Greek language to expound upon what it means to cherish.  But if you search you Bibles for the word, you likely aren’t going to find very many references to the word cherish.  Instead you will find two distinct aspects of love at work.  A love that cherishes nourishes.  It is like a loving parent caring for their kids, or the love of a best friend helping out another.  A love that cherishes also delights.  It takes joy in the other person.  It celebrates the relationship.  Both aspects of this kind of love are needed in our relationships if we are going to thrive.  We need the kind of love that nurtures the relationship and strengthens our bond.  We need the kind of love that brings us joy and we need to cling to what is good. 

Love isn’t about instant gratification of a temporary pleasure.  A love that is cherished stays with us.  It is long lasting, and leaves our hearts full.  

In Christ's Service,

Pastor Gordon




PS - Ash Wednesday Night of Worship - Mar 2nd Join us for a night of worship as we reflect on the goodness of God's love for us. The night will include time for worship and praise through song, a brief reflection, and the imposition of ashes. Music will be led by Crossroads Church worship team members and guest musicians.

Enter through the east side door of the Elko New Market Public Library

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