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Productronica 2013 München
Meet us in Munich at the Productronica show and see the individual systems on the booth of the manufacturer. Contact us any time for reserving a time slot.  (Productronica, Quasys A3 116,
November 12-15, 2013)

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Void-free Soldering in Vacuum

The new generation of soldering systems of Budatec is here - pictured above is the soldering VS160. The powerful VS160 and VS320 are ideal for both research and development as well as for large-scale production. Ask us for a demonstration!

Fast, Accurate and Repeatable Testing

Nordson Dage has recently unveiled the 4000 Optima. The new Multi-Function-Cartridges combine Shear –und Pulltest in one. You save one Cartridge.

State-of-the-art Plasma Cleaning

Plasma chambers of Nordson March for exceptionally uniform surface activation / cleaning with unmatched ease of use and reliability.

Hermetic Resistance Welding and Soldering

Miyachi Unitek systems for hermetic seam sealing of butterflies, TOs, etc. - ask us for more details.

QFN Sockets: Modular Design With Very Low Inductance

With Plastronic we offer the largest selection of burn-in and test sockets for QFN, BGA, LGA, MLP, DFN, etc..

Fully Automatic High Speed Fine Wire Wedge Bonder

The BONDJET BJ820 by Hesse Mechatronics is the world's leading innovation of Hesse GmbH in the area of fine wire wedge-wedge bonding.

Epoxy- and Eutectic Die Bonder

We also represent Geringer Halbleitertechnik, a leading manufacturer of innovative production equipment for the worldwide semiconductor industry.

New Representations

Since June 2013 Quasys  is distributing the NordsonDage bond testers as well as the  vacuum ovens for void-free soldering of budatec GmbH Berlin.
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