The Virtue of Persistence

Last December I wrote a newsletter article about an extraordinary woman named Sarah Hale. Sarah was an author, advocate, and educator, and is famous primarily for penning the children’s song “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” But as we enter November and Fall is in full swing (at least in states other than Florida!), I wanted to recognize Sarah Hale for another of her many accomplishments. You see, Sarah is the single person most responsible for Thanksgiving being a national holiday.
Starting in 1827, Sarah Hale began lobbying the government to establish an official day of Thanksgiving in our nation. Sarah used her position as editor and publisher of multiple magazines to make her case for a national day of thanks, to honor God and show gratitude for His goodness. She also wrote to elected officials, including every president who served from 1827 forward. Sarah did this for 36 years, and seemed to make little progress along the way. That is until 1863, when the latest of her letters found its way to the desk of President Lincoln.
With the Civil War in full swing, President Lincoln saw Sarah’s proposal as an opportunity to give the nation something regarding which its citizens could join hands. In that spirit, on November 26, 1863, the President proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving, to be observed on the fourth Thursday of each November. And so it’s been ever since (save a misguided decision by FDR to reschedule Thanksgiving in 1939—he moved it back to the 4th Thursday after public outcry).
As I read Sarah’s story, I wondered-what would have happened if Sarah had given up? What if after 5 years, or 10, or even 20, Sarah decided “it’s not worth it, nobody is listening”? Would we have a national day of Thanksgiving without her efforts? Maybe. But maybe not. Thankfully, we’ll never have to know, because Sarah didn’t give up. She persisted, year after year, and when the time was right she realized her dream. Sarah’s story should inspire us all. Pursue what’s important, and don’t let the slow march of time discourage you. You never know the time will be just right for you to realize your dream as well.

Attorney Eric S. Faulkner

Get together with your family the day of Thanksgiving and make yummy dishes for the family to enjoy! This is a great way to incorporate the kids and to make memories as a family! 

Thanksgiving Dishes 

1. Classic Sweet Potato Casserole-  Include crunchy pecans, cornflakes and marshmallows into your dish.  The kids will love it! 

2. Cranberry Sauce- Dress up your turkey with cranberry sauce.  you can go for sweet-and-tangy or hot-and-spicy- or both! 

3. Cornbread Dressing-  You can't go wrong with cornbread dressing!  And it is also delicious as leftovers! 

4. Mashed Potatoes-  The kids will enjoy "mashing" the potatoes and it will keep them entertained! You can also add flavor to the mashed potatoes by incorporating browned butter.

5. Homemade Macaroni and Cheese-   Whether you have a traditional family recipe or you are trying something new, Macaroni and Cheese is always a hit!


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