2016 Year Wrap Up & CPD Quiz for APD Renewal
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Issue 34 CPD Quiz Nov/Dec 2016


Three Years and Counting!


This month Practice Pavestones celebrates its
3rd Anniversary.

Thank you for all of your support

This year, over 330 Health Professionals have attended a Pavestone training event across Australia and we have welcomed another 450+ subscribers from Australia and around the globe.

2016 saw the introduction of the new extension workshop: 'Motivational Interviewing 2: The Power of Process and Change Talk' with great feedback from attendees at its inaugural running in Sydney in October.

This year, Pavestones was also proud to host the work of Sue Zbornik APD, Eve Reed APD, Janet Conti PhD and international trainer Dr Deah Schwartz (this week coming!). Innovative, interesting guest speaker events will be returning in 2017.


Coming Up in 2017

Be sure to consider Pavestones when planning your 2017 CPD, it would be great to meet you if you haven't been to an event before.
MI 2 will be running again in 2017 with dates already announced for Melbourne and Sydney. An announcement is on the way for Brisbane in August. You can check out the schedule so far here. 
In addition to MI 1 & 2 look out for these great opportunities:
  • Eve Reed will be returning to Sydney on March 24 with her training in the Ellyn Satter model 
  • Pavestones will be hosting a new PCOS workshop planned for March 30 in Melbourne in the lead up to Dietitian Day with Terrill Bruere APD. This workshop will be a must for practitioners working with women with this challenging and common presentation.
  • There are also some exciting ideas 'in the wings' for experiential workshops in the area of supervision and reflective practice...............watch this space in 2017!
Eve and Terrils' workshops will be formally announced by the end of the month.

I'd like to personally thank all subscribers for your enthusiasm and support this year. It's your feedback, passion for learning and practising that spurs me on! Thank you!

In This Issue

This issue is the last for 2016. Keeping with tradition of 2014 & 2015 this edition collates a synopsis of the year's issues with handy links to each issue's full editorial and completes with a CPD Quiz. You can buy the quiz to test your knowledge and convert your dedicated reading of Practice Pavestones into assessed CPD hours for your APD renewal.....just around the corner.

But I have some sad news folks..............this will be the last year that the CPD Quiz will be published for subscribers unless there is a big increase in uptake. Do you have APD mates who are struggling to fill their assessed CPD hours for 2016? At $9.95 the 2016 Pavestones Quiz would have to be the most affordable assessed CPD on the market - not to mention fun, useful and super practical.

Please support Pavestones by sending on to APD colleagues who may be looking for great value assessed self-study in this vital area of clinical practice. You can forward by clicking HERE


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New Motivational Interviewing events have been
announced for

Melbourne February 2017
Sydney April 2017

click through HERE

to the latest Pavestones training announcement


Brisbane is on its way for August 2017

Synopsis of Issues 24 - 33

Repetition is the mother of skill
Anthony Robbins

Repetition is the father of learning
Lil Wayne

The eight laws of learning are explanation, demonstration, imitation,
repitition, repitition, repitition, repitition, repitition

John Wooden

Issue 24 January 2016
Questions That 'Feed the Good Dog'


This issue explores solution focused questions and their use in behaviour change counselling. These questions elicit information that can be of great benefit to our client's forward movement and successful behaviour change process by focusing on resources, hopes and preferred scenarios.

Read on to learn more and get a whole slew of great examples to use in your practice HERE 


Issue 25 February 2016
 How to ask Exceptional Questions


Issue 24 above explored directive questions that pull out our client's preferred future by eliciting resources, strengths and visions of change. Broadly called 'Solution Focused' questions these types of questions are a powerful tool in the kit bag of behaviour change therapists.

Travelling along a similar vein, this issue explores questions that look for exceptions to the 'problem' behaviour. These types of questions may offer a much more subtle and client focused alternative to imposing a new thought about change. 'Exception Questions' may do this by inviting the client to sift through their own experiences with a lens that captures times when the problem has been less of an influence.

Read on to explore more about what this angle of enquiry may have to offer your clients and what it may sound like in session HERE


Issue 26 March 2016
 Applications of 'Exceptions to the Problem'

Issue 25 explored how questions can be used to seek exceptions to a problem behaviour. Uncovering these exception experiences can reveal overlooked or dismissed resources. Reconnecting our clients to these resources is a powerful intervention that can reinforce our client's competence and autonomy in the change process. 

Sue Zbornik APD demonstrated a beautiful application of the exception question skill at her Appetite Workshops in February 2016. I invited Sue to contribute to this issue and talk a little about this special form of conversation she has with her clients.

Read on to engage with this wonderfully creative application of the 'Exception Question' HERE 


Issue 27 April  2016
 Are we Communicating or Interrogating?
Using Questions Wisely

This issue's editorial wraps up the 'Question Series' commenced back in Issue 21 September 2015. This chapter of issues (21 - 27) has presented different views of the power of well considered questions with some enthusiasm.

To reinforce our balanced perspective,  this editorial discusses some cautions in the tale of buoyant questioning to keep the frequency of our questions useful to the dynamic of engagement between client and practitioner. You can recap HERE

Issue 28 May 2016
 Oi! Where are you heading with that client?
The Four Processes of Motivational Interviewing 


This issue was in part inspired by a skillful supervisee who came to supervision curious about the impact of working on increasing her reflections in client sessions. This practitioner was concerned that she may not be holding the purpose of the session clearly enough by engaging in more reflective listening. 

This issue commences an exploration of the uniquely directive nature of Motivational Interviewing best encapsulated by the Four Processes of MI. The Four Processes assists the practitioner to stay productive for the client's change process in session. These processes are defined as:

  1. Engagement
  2. Focusing
  3. Evoking
  4. Planning

Download Issue 28 to find out more HERE


Issue 29 June 2016
What Gets you Client Coming Back? Engagement

Engagement. This is the first process in Motivational Interviewing and a familiar idea to most of us but I wonder if we can take for granted that we understand what 'to engage' our client means?

Engagement is a dynamic process; full of energy, activity, purpose and intent. In our work with a client, engaging is not simply the friendly warm up chat we have before getting to the advice bit.

So what energy or 'spirit' are we using when we are engaging our client and what is our intention and purpose?

Read on HERE to find out more, consider some sample questions that embody this purpose and spirit and appreciate some reflections about engagement from experienced colleagues.


Issue 30 July 2016
The Classic Dis-engagers We Do All The Time


This issue expands on our exploration of Engagement the first process in the Four Processes of MI introduced back in Issue 28. Engagement is much more than a friendly warm greeting.

Have you ever considered that your 'job' may get in the way of you doing good work? In this issue we are looking at how some of our workplace requirements and role expectations can really limit our effectiveness in facilitating behaviour change by blocking the foundational Engagement process.

While taking a look at these challenges I will be exploring some alternative ideas and options to consider. Read on to learn more and have a laugh at Christopher Pyne.... HERE


Issue 31 August 2016
Guiding Your Client Towards a Focus
When..How..What Does it Sound Like? 

In Motivational Interviewing, once we have joined with our client in a strong Engagement process it's time to do something directional. This issue we are going to be exploring how to shift gears from the process of Engagement to the process of Focusing without crunching the gear box and bunny hopping through a session.

Download this issue to found out what the clutch sounds like and for a few more cheesy metaphors! ...HERE


Issue 32 September 2016

Finding Direction with a Client who is
'Doing Everything Right' 

Also called: Focus with Respect, Curiosity and Collaboration 

Prior to writing this issue, I received a fabulous question from a subscriber which brought a possible Focusing challenge to life. With her permission I will share her question here:
Could you please direct me to a past issue of Pavestones that might look at how to move forward with client who says they are 'doing everything but not getting results' but who I suspect isn't [doing everything]?

Great question!

How on earth do we stay along side our client and find something to work on when they present as 'all good' and we have well founded concerns things are not going so well? Read on to find out more ....HERE. 


Issue 33 October 2016
Different Courses for Different Horses
Focusing Pathways in Motivational Interviewing

This is the last issue exploring the second process in Motivational Interviewing: Focusing. The editorial presents two different styles for finding a meaningful session direction with your client.....and a soundtrack featuring a canine friend who just can't seem to find one!

You can play with some focusing templates available as free downloads in the editorial. What's your Focusing style? Tick a Box or Free Fall? or something unique to you? Find out HERE
The winner for most viewed newsletter soundtrack for 2016 was from Issue 33 featuring this gorgeous golden retriever finding it so hard to stay focused! Its so precious..............if you missed it have a laugh here

Too many sparkly things and sausages!

2016 CPD Quiz

Issues 24 - 33


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Privacy Notice
The quiz software will ask for your email and name. This is to allow you to access your quiz if you take a break during testing. It also allows you to print your quiz results with your identification for verification if audited. Practice Pavestones gives complete assurance to all quiz takers that their details will not be shared or published in anyway. Practice Pavestones has no interest in assessing or recording individual test results and will be viewing de-identified group statistics for product development and quality assurance purposes only.
Any questions, feedback or curiosities about the up coming workshops or 2016 quiz please get in touch and ask. Email me.

Enjoy experimenting!
Keep reflecting!

Tara MacGregor

Thanks to Pavestone VIPs!

A huge personal vote of thanks goes out to Pavestone VIPs for all of your support of Practice Pavestones in 2016!

Of course - Firstly to my family Special gratitude to Angus, Zandy & Lois........
& to Mr Hames, Sir Frank and Dougie for the extra cuddles and licks of support!
& to my dear parents Anne and Tom x

To my professional support team
David Ackling-Jones
John Ashton
Camilla Atsalos
Andrew Clarke 
Janet Conti
Susan Hamilton
Molly Kellogg
Laura Kiely
Eve Reed

Jenny Sanbrook
Deah Schwartz
Christine Senediak

Fiona Sutherland
Warren Wilson
Sue Zbornik

Thanks to everyone for making 2016 such a success for Practice Pavestones!

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