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Welcome to the 78th edition of EOSE e-bulletin

EOSE Press Room and Library of Good Practice: new initiatives to inspire workforce development

As part of its mission and to equip the sport and physical activity sector with a competent workforce of paid staff and volunteers, EOSE have always considered as important the development of innovative activities directly linked to European initiatives and tools. . 
With EOSE Press Room and Library of Good Practice, we aim at encouraging exchanges of good practice, promotion, changes and modernisation. 
The idea is indeed to provide an opportunity to raise awareness, inform and encourage the transfer and implementation of skills development initiatives all over Europe.

EOSE new initatives
Thierry Zintz

Words from Mr Hannu Takkula

Dear friend of sport,

As the European Commission will evaluate the sport policy in the spring of 2017, one of the targets of [the European Parliament report on an integrated approach to sport policy] is to give guidelines and recommendations for the European Commission´s work on evaluating its policy implementation and to give signals to Member States and the organized sport sector. 
[…] The reason why we are launching a new sports policy paradigm, ‘accessibility’, is that access to sport is now perceived as a fundamental right [...]. The place of the skills development is in the "Accessibility" pillar. [...]

I think sport as a tool for skills development is a cross sectoral theme, which deserves cross-sectoral thinking in policy making. […] [Last but not least] I want to stress that I and also the majority of CULT members think, that skills and education should adapt to the needs of the labour market."

Hannu Takkula
Member of the European Parliament
Vice-President of the Sport Intergroup

NOTE: These words are extracted from an exclusive interview MEP Takkula gave to EOSE. 
Read the full interview 

      EOSE NEWS   


EOSE's Exclusive Interview with Mr Hansjörg HÖLTKEMEIER, President of the European Lotteries (EL)

On the occasion of the ENGSO Hearing on the future of grassroots sport (read more in “News from the sector”), supported by the European Lotteries (EL) and hosted by MEP Hannu Takkula, EOSE PR and Public Manager had the chance to exchange with EL’s President and Sport Executive Secretary. Noting their interest in matters related to sports and employment as well as issues related to skills development through grassroots sport, discussion went on and ended up with this exclusive interview.
Report on Brexit, sport and Erasmus+

Erasmus+ and the UK sport sector – the chance to collaborate and learn is the real benefit of this EU funding programme

Following the referendum in June 2016 the concept of Brexit and what it could mean to the UK has been much debated. As we move towards the triggering of Article 50 and kick starting Brexit negotiations, it is important that the UK sport sector has a clear picture of the level of funding it receives from the EU and can seek to retain that level of funding, either through continued participation in EU programmes or through equivalent funding at the national level.
Developed by EOSE the document reports on Erasmus+ funding received by UK sport organisations. Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport, worth €14.7 billion over seven years from 2014 – 2020. The report lists various projects and the funding attached to them. 
Symposium REPOPA

“Researchers can support policymakers in their work”, key message from the REPOPA Symposium!

On the 9th of September 2016, Carole Ponchon, EOSE PR and Projects manager, took part in the Final Symposium of the REPOPA project. EOSE have been invited by the leader, the University of Southern Denmark, to contribute to the event as an expert.
REPOPA project stands for “Research into Policy to enhance Physical Activity”; it is a five year project, which ended in September 2016, funded by European Union, 7th Framework Program. Researchers from six EU countries of Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, UK, plus Canada, are project partners.
Towards partnership

Forging strategic partnership for future collaboration towards a better understanding and measurement of the sector

With a view to both get to know each other better and identify potential synergies for future collaboration, EOSE and FESI (the Federation of the European Sporting goods Industry) met in Brussels on the 7th of September 2016.
Carole Ponchon, European PR and Projects Manager was in attendance on behalf EOSE and met with Alberto Bichi, FESI Secretary General, Jérôme Pero, FESI Public Policy Director and Fanny Michaud, FESI Assistant. The two organisations agreed to to follow-up this first meeting and concretely explore the potential and opportunities for collaboration (e.g. to define and understand the sport labour market across the member states). 


Erasmus + Sport projects 2016

Results of #ErasmusPlus #Sport Chapter now available! 

On the 20th of September 2016, the European Commission published the results of the Collaborative Partnerships/Small Collaborative Partnerships in the sport field and Not-for-profit European sport events NOT related to the 2016 European Week of Sport. 
Out of the 350 eligible applications, 119 have been selected for funding (54 Collaborative Partnerships, 60 Small Collaborative Partnerships and 5 Not-for-profit European sport events) and 3 have been placed on a reserve list. 
Vocational Skills Week

Save the Date: European Vocational Skills Week, 5 to 9 December 2016

European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen recently announced the organisation of the first European Vocational Skills Week to raise VET attractiveness through Excellence and Quality.
Various events and activities are going to be organised throughout Europe during this special week, by companies, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, social partners, as well as many other stakeholders.
EOSE strongly support this initiative as we believe it is crucial to improve the attractiveness and image of vocational education and training in the sport and physical activity sector but also to showcase quality, good practice and raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities.
The European Commission is inviting stakeholders to get involved and organise events/activities across Europe: you can register your events and use communication material!

Read more

European Week of Sport

European Week of Sport 2016: 8,230 events and 2,173,805 participants registered

Endorsed and coordinated by the European Commission, the second edition of the European Week of Sport took place from the 10th to the 17th of September 2016.  Highlights of the week were the official kick-off in Kosice, Slovakia (10 September) including the Europe-wide flashMOVE, the flagship event in Brussels focusing this year on “Good Governance in Sport” (15 September) and numerous national celebrations/events throughout September all over Europe.

Mapping of Good Practices social inclusion

“Mapping of good practices relating to social inclusion of migrants through sport” now available

Commissioned by the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission and written by Ecorys UK, the study looks at how sport can support the integration of migrants into EU and includes an analysis of 63 good practices selected throughout Europe. It provides an analytical overview of the types of sports related projects and interventions used to support the social inclusion of migrants and identified best practice in their design, implementation and measurement.
Download the report
Report High Level Group Grassroots Sport

Annual conference of the European Association for International Education

The 28th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition took place from 13–16 September 2016 at the ACC Liverpool in the UK. It gathered 5200 participants from over 80 countries to “Imagine” a bright future for international higher education. Offering solutions and food for thought, the Conference provided a good mix of activities (workshops, tour, seminars, etc) meant to develop the skills set of participants in key internationalisations areas.
EOSE was represented at the event by Mairit Pellinen, Executive Board Member.
ENGSO hearing Grassroots sports

Discussing the future of grassroots sport at ENGSO hearing: skills will be essential!

Organised at the European Parliament on the 6th of September 2016 by ENGSO, supported by the European Lotteries and hosted by MEP Hannu Takkula, the “The Way Forward for Grassroots Sport in Europe” special hearing gathered about 40 people from various background including high-level stakeholders from EU institutions, the Council of Europe and the sport movement.
EOSE was represented by Carole Ponchon, European PR and Project manager. One of the main message from the debates was the reaffirmation of a need for cross-border exchange and initiative as countries are sharing similar challenges in policy terms (unemployment, inactivity, lack of solidarity, etc). She was also delighted to hear from many speakers a special and relatively new emphasis on skills development.
Lifelong Learning Week

Make sure to follow the Lifelong Learning Week 2016

Organised from the 10th to the 13th of October 2016 in Brussels by the Lifelong Learning Platform in partnership with the European Youth Forum, the LLLWeek2016 will build upon three strands:
1. Learning to Live Together
2. 21st Century Skills
3. Flexible Learning Pathways.
The initiative is supported by the European Parliament Youth Intergroup and the LLL Interest Group.
Eurydice structure of education

New Eurydice report available on the Structure of the European Education Systems

This report provides information on the structure of mainstream education in European countries from pre-primary to tertiary level for the 2016/17 school and academic year. It includes national schematic diagrams, an explanatory guide and maps showing the main organisational models of pre-primary and compulsory education. The information is available for 43 European education systems covering 38 countries participating in the EU's Erasmus+ programme.
SIGGS meeting

A successful Steering Committee meeting for the SIGGS project

A meeting of the SIGGS Steering Committee took place on 22nd of September 2016 and was hosted in Frankfurt by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). 
This meeting brought together all project partners and provided the opportunity to present the progress made so far, the outcomes from the national strategic workshops, the self-evaluation tool and the results and tendencies of the second consultation process. The group also focused and exchanged on a strategy to ensure sustainability and further implementation after the funded period. Last but not least, partners discussed the way to organise the final conference of the project in Brussels on 29 November 2016. 
Aurélien Favre, Executive Director, represented EOSE.


  • 11-12 October: EOSE National Visit to Sweden
  • 13-14 October: SCORE Final Conference, Cologne (GE)
  • 17-20 October: 16th Annual IHRSA European Congress, Seville (SP)
  • 19 October: EOSE National Round Table, Riga (LV)
  • 20-21 October: 2016 European Education, Training and Youth Forum “Connecting Education, the Labour Market and Society: Delivering the New Skills Agenda for Europe”, Brussels (BE)
  • 24-25 October: S2A Sport 3rd partner meeting, Vilnius (LT)
  • 27-28 October: Technical working meeting, Malta
  • 31 October: EOSE Executive Board Meeting, Paris (FR)
  • 8 November: GoGolf Europe meeting, Amsterdam (NL)
  • 19 November: EGA Annual General Meeting, Barcelona (SP)
  • 22 November: Formal Sports Ministers Council meeting, Bratislava (SK)
  • 22-23 November: EOSE GA & Members Seminar 2016, Rio Maior (PT)
  • 28-29 November: Cedefop conference "How to make learning visible? Strategies for implementing validation of non-formal and informal learning", Thessaloniki (GE)
  • 29 November: SIGGS Final Conference, Brussels (BE)
  • 30 November - 1 December: Expert Group on Human Resource Management in Sport, malta
  • 5-9 December: The first ever European Vocational Skills Week, Europe
  • 7-8 December: EOSE National Round Table, Lisbon (PT)
  • 13 December: EOSE Executive Board Meeting, Brussels (BE)

* Events organised by EOSE are marked in blue
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