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June 25, 2015

Enjoying the Scenery...

I recently returned from a camping trip to Yellowstone where I was surrounded by amazing scenery. This gave me time to reflect on the first six months of 2015 and to look forward to the final six months of the year.

During the first six months, Abila’s MIP Fund Accounting™ software took some steps towards the development of a SaaS compliant product, which will help us take greater advantage of new technology. As a result, we reevaluated some of our implementation methods and will continue to refine this process as more clients make the switch, or purchase the new Abila MIP Advance™ product. In late 2014, we began providing "bridge services" to larger nonprofits while they determined the best solution for their finance departments during the hiring and transition processes. Since then, some of the organizations have successfully hired the right person, but during the "gap," their finance departments didn't miss a beat.

As we look to the second half of 2015, we anticipate continued growth in sales, upgrades and implementation of Abila MIP Advance™. We will complete our certification classes on this new product offering in order to provide high-quality service. We are also focusing on our Outsourced Accounting services as we continue to find more efficient ways to deliver our services by utilizing technology. Now that we have a few years of experience under our belt, we continue to evaluate the model and delivery of our services, including our "flexible service model,” which provides exactly what the client needs. This model won't change but we are working to find ways to ensure that the high quality of service is provided to all clients.

In anticipation of some of the enhancements we are planning, a website redesign is front and center for both MIP Fund Accounting™ services as well as Outsourced Accounting. Look for these changes coming soon. We always welcome feedback on our services and your experiences with us, along with suggestions on how we can better meet your needs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 303-775-5620 or

Enjoy beautiful scenery wherever you may travel this summer!

Warm Regards,

Laura Jorstad
Managing Principal
NFP Partners

Seven Essential Functions Your Accounting Department Must Perform

I recently ran across a must-read blog article from a counterpart at an accounting services’ consulting organization on the East Coast. I highly recommend the article, written by Eric Fraint, President of Your Part-time Controller, LLC., to nonprofit board members and Executive Directors. If you visit his blog, be sure to review other articles that discuss the challenges of nonprofit accounting, particularly among small- to mid-size NPOs. His tone is more direct than mine would be, but I have to agree with most of his observations.

Read the article with an open mind, honestly relating the seven functions to your own organization, and see how you rate. Enlightened nonprofit boards and executive directors understand that strong financial management is critical to the success of their mission and long-term sustainability. Those who embrace this will succeed and become stronger. Those who don’t, will struggle in a state of mediocrity until they reach a crisis point leading to their demise, rescue, or major reinvention.point leading to their demise, rescue, or major reinvention.

Warm Regards,

Lee Bengston, CPA
NFP Partners

Peer Group Provides Unique Networking Opportunity for Nonprofit Financial Managers   

A few years ago, I was working as the Finance Director for the Colorado Children’s Campaign, a nonprofit, child advocacy organization in Denver. I was the only accounting person on our staff and often felt isolated in my responsibilities among all of the program staff. I had a vision of a group of nonprofit accountants coming together every once in a while to share our processes, successes and struggles related to our work, and after discussing the idea with a few close colleagues from other organizations, Colorado Nonprofit Financial Peers was born.  We began as a smaller group meeting at my office at the Children’s Campaign, but word spread quickly, and before we knew it, hundreds of accounting staff from various nonprofits in the Denver area were interested in our group.  We were fortunate to be approached early on by Mile High United Way, who generously offered space to us on a monthly basis, and where we continue to meet to this day.
Colorado Nonprofit Financial Peers is a volunteer-run networking group offering professional development through topic-based meetings every other month.  Recent topics we have covered include: budget planning, audit updates, employee benefits options, and even Advanced Excel training.  Our group is open and free of charge to anyone working in the finance capacity of a nonprofit organization.  We receive consistent feedback from our membership on how valuable and enjoyable it is to participate in our group.  We really are an excellent resource to each other and learn a lot through our conversations.  If you have been yearning for someone to talk to about your roles and responsibilities as a nonprofit accounting professional, or are simply looking for a way to sharpen your skills through free professional development, please consider joining our group!  You can learn more and join the calendar and email distribution for the group by visiting and completing a profile and request admission into the group. We would be very excited to get to know you!

Jessica Taylor
NFP Partners
NFP Partners
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MIP Virtual Forum Meeting

NFP Partners began offering a MIP Virtual Forum about a year ago upon the realization that we have worked work with a wide variety of nonprofit financial managers in implementing the software over the years. We realized that even though our services of implementation and initial training are complete, the learning doesn't stop.

Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ is a very robust software with many features that just aren't utilized because users get into the same way of doing things. The MIP Virtual Forum is a once-a-month, one hour, hands-on training session that focuses on a specific topic that has been identified by the group. It is intended to be a user's group that addresses more advanced topics, explores unused features of the software, allows participants the opportunity to share some solutions they have created and allows all to ask questions related to the topic or something that is currently stumping them.  All Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ software users are welcome to attend and members are asked to submit topics in advance. For further information, or to submit a suggested topic, please email

NFP Partners is hosting a MIP Virtual Forum meeting on Wednesday, July 15th at 10:00am. The topic is "Import - Basic, continued."

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Articles of Interest

As an added feature to our newsletter we will list articles that we have run across which we believe are relevant to nonprofit financial management. They are not listed with any immediate editorial comment unless we have re-blogged them. Just click on the article to go to the source. These articles are part of the cumulative list for 2015. Visit our blog for a cumulative list of articles posted in 2014.  

NFP Partners Offers Private Cloud Hosting

NFP Partners offers state-of-the-art, private cloud hosting services for accounting software through our affiliated Abila Business Partner, NonProfit Technologies, Inc. The service is available to licensed users of Abila MIP Fund Accounting and the QuickBooks desktop editions (Pro, Premier and Enterprise). Click below to get a free price quote.

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