This month's newsletter features information on NFP Partners' new approaches to client engagement, a how-to on how to plan effective meetings, as well as, a look at how to prepare for the new FLSA law requirements. 
June 2016

Thinking About Client Engagement

Celebrating the last big climb, NFP Partners' founder Lee Bengston and fellow dude raise their mounts.

I had a wonderful second week of June doing my annual Le Tour de Dudes bike tour with two friends and a truck. Within four days we biked over 350 miles on the western slope. The crescent-shaped route begins in Grand Junction then travels towards Naturita (I challenge you to find that on the map; I’ll let you cheat and see the answer if you read the whole article!) then on to Montrose, followed by Crested Butte and ending in Glenwood Springs. 
The bike trip allowed me to work out of my mind, clear my head and return with renewed energy, which I’ve used to tackle a subject I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. Namely, what more can we do to better engage with our clients to build their confidence and trust? Laura and I, with input from the rest of our team, decided to host a special MIP Virtual Forum meeting and try to get some feedback and ideas on the topic. 
In the few short weeks ahead we will take the information provided to us through this forum, refine it and extend the survey to our entire client-base, which will hopefully provide confirmation and bring in some additional ideas. Some lucky participant will win a raffle prize. 
But in the meantime, click here to read more and see the responses received at the forum. You could also contact me or Laura directly with any thoughts or ideas. 

Best regards,
Lee Bengston, CPA

Death by Meeting

This is probably an unusual topic for our newsletter. Typically we are focused on accounting and financial management topics. Lately though, I have been thinking about the number of meetings that I attend. You know the drill, team meetings, project management meetings, task force meetings, board meetings, meetings to prepare for the board meeting, etc. Recently I read there is an average of 11 million business meetings each day. Within the last couple of years I have been very conscious of scheduling meetings and working to make them productive and effective, not a time drainer. For my list on how to turn meetings from dreadful to helpful click here

Laura Jorstad
Managing Principal

Is Your Organization Prepared for the New FLSA Requirements?

Is your organization prepared to make any changes regarding employee salaries to comply with the new FLSA laws, which will take effect beginning December 1, 2016? If not, take note! The first thing you need to understand is what it means to be covered under FLSA. There are two ways that organizations and employees can be covered over FSLA; one being enterprise coverage and the other being individual coverage. Enterprise coverage, for a non-profit, kicks in when there is any income outside of donations that generates more than 500,000 dollars per year. This could include books sales, gift shop revenue, concession sales, etc. Any revenue collected to further the mission of the organization, such as providing counseling services, membership fees, or dues would not be included in those revenue generating activities. Individual coverage is focused more on specific employees and whether or not their job engages in interstate commerce or the production of goods for interstate commerce.

To learn more about how your organization can stay in compliance with the new FLSA regulations, click here

Stephanie Underwood
Nonprofit Accounting and Finance Consultant

In This Issue

MIP Virtual Forum for July

The MIP Virtual Forum meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 21 at 10 a.m. Based on some of the feedback received at June’s meeting we will continue offering a training component. The subject is “General Ledger Tips and Tricks.” The general ledger is – well – a broad area so practically anything qualifies and likely applies to other modules as well. Get your "Tip or Trick" to Laura at least a week before the meeting. We will be reaching out to a few of you. If you'd like to register for the forum please click here


Articles of Interest

We have discovered and continue to explore new sources of useful information for nonprofit executives and managers. We plan to publish a cumulative compendium of these links on our blog when our new website is launched next month.  

New Clients

Denver Roller Derby
Women 4 Women Knitting 4 Peace
Project Sanctuary
California Preservation Foundation

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