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March 27, 2014

Mobile Accounting – Psst, we have an app for that!

I traveled to Austin last week to attend the Abila Spring Partners’ Conference, which offered an abundance of content about MIP Fund Accounting and fundraising software, as well as an opportunity to renew relationships.

One great takeaway of interest to accountants is that MIP Fund Accounting now has full functionality on a mobile device (iPad, smart phone, etc.). The capability is not much different than accessing MIP remotely through a computer using Remote Desktop. The MS RDP technology has been adapted to make the application a true mobile app. You launch it by tapping an icon on your phone or tablet and all the screen-sizing, navigation and other mobile features behave the same as any other application on your devise. This app is immediately available to users who have MIP hosted by Abila or NFP Partners’ private cloud hosting services described in another article. Organizations hosting MIP on-premises will require some IT assistance with implementation.

Many of our subscribers use QuickBooks for their accounting. Is there a similar capability? There is with QuickBooks Online.

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Financial Management Best Practice – Accounts Payable Vendor Review

The accounts payable function is one of the most common areas for fraud, especially in smaller organizations, where the separation of duties and well-functioning controls is not always present. Usually the accounts payable function is under the domain of a single, capable and trusted employee but ironically, it is this person who may be the most subject to fraud.

A key component of AP is the vendor file, which is usually maintained by the same employee who also processes invoices and payments. This file needs to be reviewed by a supervisor or an employee working outside AP to assure that all the vendors are valid. A review of new vendors should be reviewed regularly, including examining supporting invoices entered into the system and resulting payments. Vendor addresses, emails and bank routing information for payment by check or electronic funds transfer should be externally verified. Another step is to check new vendor addresses against employee addresses in their HR records.

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QuickBooks vs. MIP Webinar

Our webinar, Knowing When to Leave QuickBooks, has run its course and has been retired. We will be presenting a new webinar starting in May that will specifically contrast features in QuickBooks and Abila MIP Fund Accounting. We feel that by addressing the main difference points, QuickBooks or other entry-level accounting system users will be better informed and be able to determine whether converting to a more specialized nonprofit accounting system is justified and how to go about it. Stay tuned for a more definitive announcement and dates.


NFP Partners Offers Private Cloud Hosting Services for MIP Fund Accounting and QuickBooks

Starting immediately, NFP Partners offers state-of-the-art, private cloud hosting services for accounting software through our affiliated Abila Business Partner, NonProfit Technologies, Inc. The service is available to licensed users of Abila MIP Fund Accounting and the QuickBooks desktop editions (Pro, Premier and Enterprise). Click here for an overview of the services. Our website will further describe the service, provide a quote, and facilitate getting the process started is not quite ready. In the meantime contact Lee Bengston by email or at 303-367-1058.

Articles of Interest

As an added feature to our newsletter, we list articles that we have run across which we feel are relevant to nonprofit financial management. They are not listed with any immediate editorial comment nor have we re-blogged them. Just click on the article to go to the source. You can go to our blog for a cumulative list of articles.
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NFP Partners Welcomes New Clients

NFP Partners is pleased to welcome the following new clients:
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