European Parliament adopts Opinion on the BBI Regulation
The BBI Regulation is in its final stages of approval before the official establishment of the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI) – the legal entity responsible for the management of the Public-Private Partnership between the EU and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC).

On 15 April, the European Parliament (EP) adopted its formal Opinion on the Innovation Investment Package, including the proposed Regulation on the establishment of the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking.

The final budget for the BBI is €975 million (EU) and €2.7 billion (BIC), in line with the February compromise agreement between Member States and the European Parliament to cut the budget of JTIs by at least 2.5%.

Now that the EP has adopted its Opinion, Member States are now expected to put the final stamp of approval on 6 May. The BBI will be officially established once the Regulation is published in the Official Journal of the European Union in early- mid-June.
Launch of the first Call for Proposals: 9 July 2014
The first BBI Call for Proposals is set to be launched on 9 July 2014 together with all the other Innovation Investment Package initiatives. To celebrate the kick-off of more than €20 billion investments in sustainable growth and jobs over the period 2014-2020, the European Commission will organise a launch event bringing private partners from all JTIs together to jointly announce the calls, mobilise stakeholders and stress the importance of the Innovation Investment Package in tackling Europe's societal challenges.

About the BBI
The BBI is a €3.7 billion Public-Private Partnership between the EU and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC). It is dedicated to 
realising the European bioeconomy potential, turning biological residues and wastes into greener everyday products through innovative technologies and biorefineries, which are at the heart of the bioeconomy.

The BBI is about bridging key sectors, creating new value chains and producing a range of innovative bio-based products to ultimately form a new bio-based community and economy. 

BIC, the industrial partner in the PPP, hosts a unique mix of sectors including agriculture, agro-food, technology providers, forest-based/pulp and paper sector, chemicals and energy. It is an association that was specifically established in 2012 to collectively represent the private sector in the BBI. To date, BIC has 69 full industrial members (large, SMEs, clusters) and over 100 associate members (RTOs, universities, associations, technology platforms). And it is still growing.

The BBI will fund projects aimed at:

  • Building new value chains based on the development of sustainable biomass collection and supply systems with increased productivity and improved utilisation of biomass feedstock (incl. co- and by-products);
  • Unlocking the utilisation and valorisation of waste and lignocellulosic biomass;
  • Bringing existing value chains to new levels, through optimised uses of feedstock and industrial side-streams while offering innovative added value products to the market, thus creating a market pull and reinforcing the competitiveness of EU agriculture and forest based industries. 
  • Bringing technology to maturity through research and innovation, by upgrading and building demonstration and flagship biorefineries that will process the biomass into a range of innovative bio-based products.

The Bio-based Industries Consortium is constantly looking to identify and recruit new members across all EU Member States. Together we can better plan for the Europe-wide deployment of this game-changing sector and contribute to boosting sustainable growth and jobs.

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Synergies with European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)
Together with the European Commission and Regions, the Bio-based Industries Consortium is working on the development of guidelines on how synergies between BBI projects (Horizon 2020) and Structural Funds can work in practice.

The Challenge
Deadlines for regions to submit their Smart Specialisation Strategies and Operational Programmes are extremely tight. The possibility of creating synergies between different sources of funding mechanisms is relatively new and may not have been factored in.

Moreover, the BBI - and the bioeconomy as a whole - are also relatively new concepts. Are regions aware about their bioeconomy potential? Do they host industries, sectors, technology providers, research organisations that could play a role in deploying a local/regional bioeconomy?

While Smart Specialisation Strategies can be updated, it is important for Operational Programmes to reference "bioeconomy" now if regions are indeed host to high potential sectors and actors.

The Opportunity
By creating Operational and Strategic synergies between regions and the BBI, it will be possible to plan in a coordinated manner (EU/BBI-National-Regional-Local), ensuring that all actors involved in this area are aligned and working towards the same goal. Inter-regional synergies are also highly encouraged to build on each others strengths, thereby creating a competitive environment.

Roadshows in EU Member States

Since April 2013, BIC has been travelling to the capitals to present the new Bio-based Industries Initiative. In partnership with national Research and Science ministries and the European Commission, these roadshows are typically a half-day programme aimed at:
  1. Raising awareness on the Bio-based Industries PPP opportunities with national ministries (Research, Agriculture, Economy, Regional Development, Energy, Environment), stakeholders, RTOs and universities;
  2. Mobilising and recruiting all relevant sectors and organisations for a mass deployment of the bio-based economy in Europe.
To date we have visited Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Hungary, UK, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and Greece. We are scheduled to visit Ireland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia in the coming months and we will continue touring all interested capitals.

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The new logo of the Bio-Based Joint Undertaking. A light version of the website is live since 15 April 2014.

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The full version will be launched on 9 July.
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