In this Issue:  Smart Website Redesign, Clearing Up the Windows 10 Licensing Confusion, Apple Music, Google Street View, Amazon Unlimited Cloud Services, Digital Drivers' Licenses, and Google Cell Service. 

Maximizing Your Website Redesign

Is your site overdue for an update?

Revamping the company website often falls by the wayside because site owners are either intimidated by the task or assume that if their site isn't broken, there's no need to spend time and money to fix it. It's time to get out of this mindset, and here's why

Updating to the latest technology can vastly improve the experience for users; and a properly executed redesign makes a huge impact on business. If you've been putting off redesigning your website, now is a great time to consider a makeover.

How can I get the most out of my next website redesign?

Optimize for Mobile- Mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing over the last few years, so improving the mobile user experience will keep your site relevant and usable for a majority of visitors for years to come. We make a point of designing responsive websites, ensuring that they can be viewed and easily navigated on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Mobile-friendly sites are favored on Google's mobile search. This helps increase traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Add New Functionality- Are your applications outdated? Can you track key performance indicators via your content management system? Is your site Flash based? Technology is constantly changing and if your site does not evolve with it, you might be missing out on opportunities to improve business operations and provide value for customers. Adding features like ecommerce and ticketing systems that are up to current industry standards is the smart way to maximize your investment.

Integrate Social Media- If your business maintains a social media presence, integrating social profiles into your website redesign is the best way to showcase this activity. Modules for social media feeds, where posts from all platforms and blogs are highlighted, provide a space to promote your latest social initiatives.

Change Things Up-  If you're tired of looking at your website, chances are your visitors are too. Whether your goal is to rebrand, better inform visitors, or simply reorganize content; changing things up is a great way to reenergize a page. Updating things every once in a while can get your visitors excited about what's new with your business. 

Where do I get started with my website redesign?

We work with you to define your project objectives, create mockups to visualize your concept, design and build your site, and even host and maintain it once launched. We approach each project with the personalized care and attention necessary for success because each business is unique.

Get in touch with us today to see if it's time to redesign your website!


Clearing Up The Windows 10 Licensing Confusion

Not sure if you're eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10? You're not alone. On the blog we help break down the logistics of Microsoft's offer with two questions.


Apple Music May be Changing The Music Game

Since the purchase of Beats Music in August 2014, iTunes and Beats have remained separate entities. Apple’s announcement at the Keynote Developer's Conference on June 8th solidified the disintegration of Beat’s Music’s solo-identity and introduced Apple Music (available June 30th), the streaming music app that may change the music game.

Google is Taking Us Under The Sea

If you've ever wanted to go whale watching but fear seasickness, Google may have just found a solution. In fact, you may be able to go more than whale watching. Just in time for World Ocean Day on June 8th, Google's latest blog has announced a deep view of our planet, providing underwater Street Views in 40 different places. We now have the opportunity to witness marine wildlife in their natural habitat - the ocean.

Amazon Unlimited Cloud Services

Cloud storage solutions offer many benefits for backing up data, and there are many service providers to choose from, but Amazon is now offering unlimited cloud storage in two formats to entice consumers to make a switch. Customers can now store unlimited photos for just $11.99 and unlimited "everything else" for $59.99.

Digital Drivers License

Smartphones have taken on the functionality of digital wallets thanks to apps that help us manage everything from our bank accounts to reloadable Starbucks cards. In the near future we might see apps taking the place of our drivers’ licenses and other forms of identification. Biometrics and other forms of security keep our sensitive information safe, but are we ready for this transition from traditional forms of identification? Learn more about the concept that is ready to launch as a pilot program in several states later this year.

Google to Offer Cell Service

Dabbling in everything from fiber internet to autonomous cars, Google has another new venture up its sleeve. The tech giant recently announced plans to experiment with offering a hybrid cell service as well. What makes the proposed Google cell network particularly unique is that it would utilize both cell towers and WiFi hotspots. SVP Sundar Pichai ensures that the venture will start off small " people will see what we’re doing" and hopefully influence major providers to offer customers more innovative solutions.  

Recently Developed Site

Takami Sushi and Robata Grill and Elevate Lounge are premier venues for nightlife and upscale dining in Downtown Los Angeles. Inverselogic helped transition their original Flash sites, keeping functions like online gift card ordering, menus, and calendaring; while incorporating new features like a social media hub into a modern and responsive design.  

Tips and Tricks

Slow Internet getting you down? Here are some tricks to boost your WiFi speed.

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