In this Issue: News from our blog- Tech review: Amazon Echo, LG Watch Urbane, Microsoft Keynote, Chrome Remote Desktop for Mobile, Oculus Acquires Nimble VR

Amazon Echo

Inverselogic Puts Alexa to The Test

The Amazon Echo is a speaker unlike any other we've seen. It's a sleek and attractive addition to any home, but its selling point really isn't its audio capability, but the built-in voice controlled personal assistant, Alexa.

Alexa answers questions, tells jokes, plays music from your Amazon Music account, performs searches for things like weather forecasts, measurement conversions, and other simple tasks. The Echo is a new take on similar apps you are probably familiar with like Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana, but the fact that the device is always on and listening makes all the difference in how users interact with it. 

Find out more about Amazon's virtual assistant designed to live in your home in the full review on the Inverslogic Blog. To request an invite to purchase your own, sign up on the official Amazon Echo page.

LG Watch Urbane 

The latest round of smart watches has pivoted from fitness-friendly to luxe styling. LG just announced its Watch Urbane, a luxury option meant to complement their current smartwatch offerings. This wearable seems the most natural to actually wear and has the most classic appearance of them all. 

Big News at Microsoft Keynote

Microsoft surprised us with some exciting upcoming hardware and software at this year's keynote. 

Among the announcements were the HoloLens, a VR headset that augments reality; the Surface Hub, a large digital whiteboard meant to aid in digital collaboration; and several new features on Windows 10, including a new web browser dubbed Spartan and Cortana for PC. 


Chrome Remote Desktop for Mobile

If you've ever needed access to a file you've forgotten at work or at home, you might be interested in Google's latest Chrome extension. Google just made accessing your PC remotely even easier with the introduction of Chrome Remote Desktop for mobile.

With the new Remote Desktop app, users can control their computers from their Android or iOS devices- all they need to do is download the app on both their mobile device and add the extension on Chrome for the PC or PCs they wish to remotely access.

Oculus Acquires Nimble VR

VR gaming is all about providing an immersive experience, but what about how users interact with these new realistic environments?

Oculus announced the acquisition of Nimble VR, the developers of a specialized camera built for high-quality, low-latency skeletal hand tracking. Instead of using controllers, users will only need to rely on the dexterity of their own hands.

Volume 31

February 2015

In this issue:
Amazon Echo
LG Watch Urbane
Microsoft Keynote
Chrome Remote Desktop
for Mobile

Oculus Acquire Nimble VR

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