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March 2015 
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KBC is currently in the middle of the Spring 2015 Semester!  God has blessed KBC with 25 students this semester from all over Canada and the Mainland.  It has been a blessing to watch each one of them experience God in a new light and allow God to work in and through them.  The staff at KBC are excited to see what else God has in store for everyone here.  We serve a big God who can and will do big things in all of our lives. 

New Things and New Blessings

Campus Updates 

As many of you know, our school facilities are all out doors, which makes having "nice" things really hard.  It is especially hard here in Kauai because of all the humidity and salt in the air.  In the last couple of months, God has blessed KBC with some new things. We were given 3 office trailers, an oven for the kitchen, and had an electrician come help us set up a new electrical system in the classroom tents. 
The office trailers are in pretty rough condition but, one of them will be used for a Kauai Bible College office. Our hope is to have an office space for the different departments that are involved at KBC. For example, we would have an office space for the director, the deans, the administration, and the property managers. 
In the future, we would like to turn the other two trailers into a place for the students to hang out, a quiet place to do homework, and maybe even have a library. 
KBC was also given an oven that runs partly on electricity and also propane.  It has been a blessing to be able to cook in the oven and not always have to use the barbecue. 
The new electrical system in the classroom tents was done by a couple who were visiting from Michigan and wanted to use their giftings to bless us.  
We are all so very thankful for the blessings we have received in the last couple of months.  If you were apart of this in any way, we want to say a big mahalo to you! 

KBC Events

One of the things Hawaiians are known for are their parties and the amount of food they like to eat.  So, as a school here in Hawaii we like to stay with that tradition.  We have had a couple outings and have many more in store for the end of the semester.
KBC ventured to the South Shore a couple weeks ago and explored some of Gods creation.  It was a really beautiful day and there was lots of fellowship as we were able to see the handy work of God. 
The Discipleship 101 and 102 class has an over night prayer retreat that everyone goes to and is able to spend a solid three hours alone with God.  This is usually one of the highlights of the semester as it brings people closer together and also closer to the Lord. 
During spring break we will be camping at Polihale. We are all looking forward to this for multiple reasons.  It will be nice to get out of our daily routine here and be able to relax on the beach. 

Staff Updates

As many of you have probably heard in the last two newsletters, God is calling some of our staff members away from KBC and into other areas of ministry. God has also called Will Schumacher and his wife Cassidy to move back to Kansas. Cassidy is now pregnant and her pregnancy has been difficult as she has been sick with Hyperemises Gravidarum. They will be leaving Kauai by April 15 for Kansas where Cassidy is originally from. Both Will and Cassidy hope to be back in Kauai to start their life as a new and growing family in Kauai within a year or two. They will be missed but we are excited for the journey ahead of them. 
Ben Clawson, our Projects Manager, came back to KBC to help fill in while Will was recovering from his broken neck last semester. He will now be taking over for Will when he leaves in April. An additional reason Ben came out to Kauai was to help Curtis Zeigler as he is preparing to plant a church in Portland. Ben, along with Scott Elledge, will be going with Curtis to start the church this summer. 
The KBC staff has been praying that God would provide the right people to fill these positions as he is calling a lot of us to different areas of ministry. If you or someone you know are interested in either the Property Management or Project Management at Kauai Bible College please let us know. You can send resumes or seek additional information by emailing us at


We are now accepting applicaions for the Fall 2015 Semester!


The Power of Prayer

So often we forget who we are praying to when we come before the Lord. God has so much power and wants to use that in our lives in a mighty way if we seek him with all of our hearts. He desires to answer our prayers if we come to him with a humble and seeking heart. The topic of prayer has been discussed a lot so far this semester. There are many aspects to prayer and God has been challenging staff and students alike in this area of our lives. 
There are a couple things we would like to bring before you and ask that you too would lift these things up with us. 
The first is the hiring of new leadership at KBC. We have been seeking different applicants for each position and are going to be coming to final decisions soon. Wisdom and guidance is necessary for this decision making process. Please pray that God would lead us to the people he has for each position. 
Another thing to be praying for is the leadership transition that will be happening this summer. We are praying that this transition would be as smooth and easy as possible. 
The last thing we would like to bring before you is that you would be praying with us for the funding to renovate the office trailer that we received. 
Thank you for praying with us! 

Student Council 

This year KBC has started a Student Council which consists of all the student interns. The Student Council is a place where the student voices can be heard and events are planned. This gives each intern an opportunity to speak out for student concerns and also provides an avenue for them to help come up with solutions. Through the Student Council, each intern also grows in their ability to plan events, big and small, and to work together as a team. 

KBC Hiring Process

As we seek out new leadership for KBC we are praying that God would lead us to the perfect people for each position that needs to be filled. We are hopeing to hire the new Director within the next two weeks. After the director is hired, we would like to hire the the new Dean of Men and Dean of Women within the following two weeks. Then, we would like to hire the new Property Manager within two weeks after the Deans are hired. Our desire is to have all the positions filled by the end of the semester. If you would commit to praying for this process we would greatly apprecate it!


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