Updates from the spring months. 
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Springtime, volunteers, and the start of a new roof

Springtime in Latvia is a beautiful thing. The new life and fresh air is palpable as the trees blossom, the grass grows, and people start to fill the streets of the cities again. As the spring brings new life, the last few months have brought some new changes to Freedom61 as well. 

The Ministry Cafe

Over the winter months the cafe in Riga was growing more and more quiet. We were open three times a week as always, but very few women would come. We started to wonder if we should do something different, considering even partially closing the cafe. At the same time, we started to dream and pray about the cafe being run by the local churches. While we were wondering these things, God had bigger plans for us and the cafe beginning to stir. As spring started to blossom, the cafe became busier again, and within a couple of weeks, we had eight new Latvians interested in volunteering with us. We were able to hold two training nights and now have five new volunteers helping with the cafe. It is an amazing thing to see God's guidance and provision through this and how He knows how to take care of the women we work with on the streets far better than we can by ourselves. 

The Women's Center

We are in another waiting season at the Women's Center with no one currently living there, but are trusting that God will bring women in His right timing, just as He has before. 

As it has been quieter, we have been able to take time to pray as we reflect on the last year of the center being open and also consider how we can continue to reach women who may benefit from the program. Initially, we primarily focused on the women working on the streets in prostitution and other women with addictions, but we are realizing that our program can also be a beneficial thing for women who have been domestically abused, who may be suicidal or depressed, who may be coming out of prison and needing a place to get on their feet again, or who have been living other chaotic or destructive lifestyles. In some ways this isn't very different than what we have done at the center already, but the change in thinking and definition helps to brings more clarity and focus, as we feel God is opening our eyes to broader needs and ways in which we may be able to reach out and walk alongside Latvian women.

The New Roof

The work on the new roof is well on its way. The last week of May and beginning of June, we had a team here from the Netherlands who helped get the momentum going to replace the roof. We have most of the old roof off and are finishing the prep work for the new material to go on. We are so grateful for the team who came as well as our Latvian friends who are still working hard with us to get the new roof in place. We have seen amazing generosity and provision for half of the expenses, but in order to truly make the center a safe (and dry) place for the women to come and find healing and restoration we need €20,000 more. Please be praying with us that we might see the remainder of the funds come in.
Meet the Staff!
In March, Jonny and Britney Miller came from Southern California to join our team at the Women's Center, along with their dog, Timber. Jonny is a skilled carpenter and craftsman, and Britney is a musician and songwriter. They both bring fresh perspective and joy to our team as well as many gifts and talents for both the work in Riga and at the Women's Center. We are glad to have them with us!

Pray with us:

  • Please be praying for the remainder of the funds to come in for the new roof at the Women's Center, as well as safety for the team working on putting up the roof.  
  • Also, for the Women's Center, please be praying for our team that we will keep in mind a right perspective waiting on God's perfect timing. 
  • We have had the opportunity to visit both the men's and women's prisons here in Riga, please be praying that these opportunities will bear fruit, and that we will be able to maintain the connections we have started there. 
  • As we look at the summer months many of our team will be traveling at various times, please be praying for safe travels and that the ministries will continue to be able to run well when we may be shorter staff. 
Thank you for your continued support and prayers,
we are so grateful for you!

Much love, the Freedom61 team 

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