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Another year has flown past and Christmas is almost here. But before we celebrate Christmas, we have an important birthday celebration... Divine Creatures is turning three and to mark the occasion we're having a massive birthday sale on Wednesday this week! 

Also this month, Jo Barden and her family, including Louie the Macaw and Ollie her golden retriever, are relocating to Melbourne to spend more time with their family. This move means that Jo will no longer be involved with Divine Creatures but we know that she'll be very busy looking after her own divine creatures at home. We wish Jo and her family all the very best for the future.

Meanwhile the family here is growing rapidly and we welcome Emma, Lara, Laura and Louisa into the team. Like everyone at Divine Creatures they're animal lovers and are looking forward to meeting you and your beloved pets.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and I thank you for your support in 2013.  I hope to see on Wednesday!


Divine Creatures is turning 3 years old this Wednesday, 4th December, and to celebrate we are having a massive sale with between 10% and 50% off everything, store wide. Plus we will be offering special deals, give-aways and prizes! Grab some bargain Christmas presents for your cats, dogs and birds and we'll donate 10% of all sales to Oscar's Law and the Cat Protection Society of NSW charities

We look forward to seeing you in store this Wednesday, 4th December. Diarise it now and tell your friends!

Sagittarius is the zodiac's traveller sign and this applies in the feline world too with the Sagittarius cat being the real adventurer. They like their freedom with plenty of space to run around across multiple surfaces so don't try to restrict or confine your Sagittarius cat. These cats don't even mind a trip to the vet, it's all an adventure!

Sagittarius cats often reflect Jupiter's larger-than-life persona and can be charming and witty, but also quite accident prone and have reason to be thankful for their nine lives. Whether being rescued from up a tree or a neighbour's garage, or being unknowingly locked in a closet, Sagittarius cats always seems to end up where they shouldn't be. 

Loyal, tolerant, honest and a bit clumsy, the Sagittarius cat loves affection but hates to be smothered. And If your cat has trouble settling down and just staying in their own house or garden, don't be offended, just remember it's just a Sagittarius trait. 

Compatible Owners: All the fire signs - Sagittarius, Leo and Aries owners
Favourite Food: Just keep the food ever changing!
Best Attribute: Funny
Worst Attribute: Clumsy

Happy birthday to all of our Sagittarius cat readers!

As Divine Creatures grows, we welcome new cat carers into the team in order to maintain the very highest level of care for our feline friends! 

Emma, the newest member of our growing team, joins us from recent roles at the Animal Welfare League and as a Kennel Attendant at a large specialist veterinary hospital. Emma's new role at Divine Creatures is to ensure our guests are kept clean, happy and are well loved on their holiday. Whether taking cats to the Jungle Gym or spending time with them in their rooms, she knows her job is a job well done when they purr and return the love! 

Emma has a true passion for cats and this new role fulfils a long term dream of wanting to work exclusively with cats, so you can rest assured your feline treasures are in great hands!

Divine Creatures supports equal opportunities and has a number of volunteer workers, all of whom coincidentally, have a first name beginning with L! Lara, Louisa and Laura all have a passion for cats that is quite outstanding and remarkable. Laura was our first supported volunteer, and together with Lara has special needs.

Laura, Lara and Louisa ensure that all of our resort guest have unlimited TLC and cuddles!

To ensure that your cats enjoy the latest creature comforts, all of our themed bedroom suites have recently undergone a face lift, with beautiful new soft furnishings in sleek and contemporary designs. If your feline family members are yet to try our themed suites, be sure to check them out for your cat's next visit.

Our range of themed suites offers luxury holidays in Fiji, Greece, Italy, AsiaAfrica, Paris and top of the line, The Ritz

Trimming Claws – you can do it!

Lots of owners are frustrated by Fluffy scratching the new couch, ripping threads from the carpet or making a mess of the doors.

So they buy Fluffy a scratching post. Scratching posts are great – cats love them. They simulate getting to mark trees and sharpen claws. The downside – Fluffy now has sharp claws to use on the new couch.

Solution – let’s trim Fluffy’s claws! First let’s look at the inside of a claw:


The aim of trimming is to take the tip of the claw off and not cut the quick. It is best to trim just 1-2 mm of the claw tip every couple of weeks if you are new to trimming. As you get more confident you will realise how much you can trim and probably only need to trim every 6-8 weeks.

If you press on each pad in turn the claw will move forward and is much easier to trim.

If your cat is a wriggler, think about just trimming one or two claws then give your cat a treat. It is better to stop when you are going well. This makes trimming a positive experience. If you stop after Fluffy has turned into a hissing and biting ball of fury this will be the behaviour you'll be likely to see in future before the clipping process has really progressed. It will be aimed, of course, at getting you to stop before you've started.

As for clippers, we all have our favourites. They don’t need to be expensive. Just make sure they feel comfortable in your hand so you can trim confidently. 

If this all sounds a little daunting, get a confident cat person like your vet or one of the team at Divine Creatures to show you – this is a great skill to have and may save your couch!

Doggie gifts galore, all on sale in store this Wednesday!

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