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Its Autumn already - warm days and cool nights. The cats dream weather!

The first two months of the year have just flown so please, in order not to disappoint, if you are going away during Christmas holidays, please call or book online ASAP to secure your cats Christmas holiday! Would you believe we are already booking up for Christmas, now with only 8 condo's available.

We are also now fully booked for Easter. Please call 02 9958 3363 to be placed on our waiting list. If you are already booked in for Easter and are no longer going away - please call us as soon as possible to cancel the booking.

Have you ever wanted to ask your vet a question but think it may be silly or remember something when you get home? We would love to hear what you would like to read about in our newsletters! Please send us a quick email with some suggestions on what would interest you.

Best wishes for a great Autumn,
Jules, Dr Katie and the cat caring team at Divine Creatures

Pisces    19 February - 20 March

You will never lack company if you have a Pisces cat - they are so affectionate. A pisces cat lives to show you just how much he loves you. Cuddles, scratches, pats -they aren't fussy. You will never get to the end of a newspaper without some feline assistance.

This does come at a price. Pisces are lovers, not fighters. Don't expect your fur ball to protect your house and land. They are more likely to get bitten on the bum!

Compatible Owners: Virgo,  Taurus
Favourite Food: Fish (of course)
Best Attribute: Loving Nature
Worst Attribute: No warrior gene

Happy birthday to all of our Pisces cats!

                    Older Cat Maintenance


Just like an older car, aging cats need more maintenance to keep them in good running order. It’s a great idea to start a file on your computer or buy an exercise book to keep track of changes. Things to note:

  1. Weight – when you live with a pet and see them every day, we don’t always notice gradual weight changes. If you can weigh Puss once a month and keep this recorded it is a great way to notice subtle changes. You don’t need any fancy equipment. Weigh yourself on digital scales then weigh you and Puss. A quick subtraction and we have Puss’s weight.
  2. Diet - it is important to put your cat on an Senior cat diet from 8 years onwards. Please call us on 02 9958 3363 and talk to one of our friendly staff about which diet would best suit your cat.
  3. Water – is your cat drinking more or less water than usual? Increased water can be due to eating more dry food, but, more seriously, can be a sign of kidney disease or diabetes. Let’s get Puss to the vets if you notice a change. Sometimes increase water intake goes un noticed so monitoring increase urination is equally as important. 
  4. Fussy Eating – if Puss’s eating habits change this should be noted and it would be worth seeing your vet earlier rather than later. It could be that Puss needs her teeth cleaned or it can be a sign of medical conditions. Dental diets are also important and if started early in life can help prevent a trip to the vets or a costly dental.
  5. Movement – is Puss moving around well or getting up slowly? Can Puss still jump onto chairs? Do we look wobbly or stiff. Arthritis is very common and often overlooked in cats. It can be helped with medicines and this could make your cats old age happy and painless. Well worth the effort.
  6. Litter box – any changes? Do you have to change the litter more often? This could mean Puss is drinking and peeing more. Does it smell different? Has the poop changed? Is it soft or hard? Has it become more narrow? Any blood? Note the changes and let’s get Puss to the vet.

With a little effort, we can give Puss very happy retirement years and very importantly find any changes early, treat what can be treated and if Puss suffers from a disease that is not treatable, we can make sure we keep Puss pain free and as happy as possible.

February Specials

  • Write a review on Facebook & receive one free night accommodation* off your cat's next holiday! (Book Deluxe Condo, receive $28.50 discount; book Themed Suite receive $52.50 discount) *Minimum 2 night holiday *
  • Check out our assortment of specials this month online! Click here for February specials

New Cat and Dog Toys!

Simply the most mesmerizing cat toy ever!  Just put it on the floor, open the lid to aim at the floor or wall and look out. The laser beam circles, pauses, then circles again. Cats simply never tire of Ba-Da Beam's automatically moving and stopping laser.

What can we say... They Rattle and Cats really love them!
Tennis anyone?
Tennibal is a tennis ball with 100% natural rubber shroud, giving it a fun and funky bounce.It floats, and the rubber grip fits over any standard tennis ball.

Trypod is a 100% natural rubber 3 legged alien ball! Long, soft and durable nubs make this product fun to chew on, but also bounce in random directions. Three awesome colours!

Treat your friends pets with these gourmet treat!
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