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Welcome loyal customers and new friends to our all-new monthly newsletter!

Winter has been a very busy and exciting time here at Divine Creatures and it saw us:-

  • Reach the finals of the NSW Telstra Business Awards which created a maelstrom of media attention,
  • Release our new online booking engine, developed especially for this new newsletter, and
  • Launch our campaign to abolish puppy farms
We hope you like the new-look newsletter. We've got some exciting segments coming up in future editions; We'll continue to offer our popular health and well-being articles, and we'll add some new fun topics too, so stay tuned! We welcome your feedback, so please let us know what you would like to see in our monthly updates. 

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We were very excited to reach the final of the NSW Telstra Business Awards. What an amazing experience and journey this has been for us. Along the way we were featured in national and local press, live on radio and even on TV. The Today Show featured us in a dedicated segment! Was your precious feline friend featured? Check out the articles including the channel 9 TV segment in our new online media page. 
In response to many requests from our customers we've built an online booking engine into our website. Now you can reserve your cat's preferred room at Divine Creatures at the same time that you plan and book your own holiday. It's fast, convenient and secure. Please ensure you book early for busy periods - whilst we are already full for Christmas, we still have some places during the January school holidays, so don't delay and book today.
What's your cat's star sign? If you don't know when she was born, maybe you can tell by her personality. This month we profile Libra.The Libran cat is very sociable with both people and other cats, but not so much with dogs. They are generally charming, attractive and sophisticated, always perfectly groomed, and will rarely express anger. They love their home comforts and prefer to sleep on their owner's chair or bed. But don't move them!  They are very loving and form long lasting close relationships. 

Compatible owners: Scorpio, Capricorn
Best attribute: Placid
Worst attribute: Dislike of dogs

Happy birthday to all of our Libran cat readers!

Spring is in the air... and your pets can smell it!

After an unusually warm winter the transition to Spring hasn't been as marked as usual with regard to the change in temperature, therefore it's important not to miss other important clues that your pets need special attention to prepare them for the warmer months.

Frequent Brushing

You're probably noticing that your pets are shedding more hair. It's important to be particularly disciplined with brushing during these months in order to keep their coats well groomed and tangle free.

Grooming your pet does more than just keep them looking their best. It's also an opportunity to help you to bond with them as well as inspect for lumps, ticks and tender spots. In the case of cats it will help to reduce problems with fur-balls, and with dogs it will help to keep their coats clean. 

Some pets require more grooming than others.  Senior cats, for example, require more grooming because they groom themselves less meticulously as they age.

Flea & Tick Treatments

Fleas and ticks can make you and your pet miserable as well as very ill. Warm moist weather creates the perfect environment for fleas and ticks and ensuring that your pet receives regular flea and tick treatments is only half the battle. 

You need to ensure that your home and your pet's bedding is tick and flea free at all times. You can help my making sure that your pet's bedding is washed regularly in hot water, and you should throw out that old upholstered furniture on the deck or in the garage where your dog or cat loves to hang out. These are perfect flea nests and unless you get rid of them they’ll contribute to ongoing infestations. 

Also it's important to remember that cold weather reduces but doesn’t eliminate flea and tick infestations. Just because you can't see them after winter doesn't mean that they're not there.

For specific advice on managing tick or flea problems call us on 02 9958 3363 or send us an email.

Heart-worm Treatment

Heart-worm disease is spread by mosquitoes and after a mild winter, we could have problems with them in large numbers. There are no approved heart-worm treatments for cats therefore focussing on prevention becomes even more important. Drain standing water around the home and check your screens. Give us a call about choosing the right product for your pet.


Has your pooch or pussy developed a paunch? As with humans, being overweight is very bad for your pet's health and can lead to a number of serious health problems. Pets are often, like us, less active in the cooler months and unless this reduction in activity has been offset with a reduction in food consumption your pet could have gained weight. Exercise is important for animals all year round, but now that the days are getting warmer and longer, take the opportunity to make sure your pooch has had a good walk daily. A rigorous and fun game with your cat can help to add some exercise into their routine, and as with humans, a little exercise goes along way when it comes to managing stress levels and getting restful sleep.

Following are recommended toys for cat exercise. All are available from Divine Creatures, either in store or online: Da Bird, Wild Thing, Speed Circuit

Foods we recommend to assist with weight management are: Science Hills Light and Royal Canin weight management


As in the human population, the incidence of allergies in pets seems to be increasing. While allergic humans may often sneeze, wheeze or even have serious respiratory difficulties, allergic reactions in pets are characterized by skin problems, exacerbated by their primary symptom—itching and scratching. There are four causes of allergies: insect, contact, inhalant and food, and pets can be affected by one or more allergy.


Many households contain plants and flowers that may actually do harm, or be fatal, to your family pets. 

A special warning must be made regarding lily toxicity in cats. Brunfelsias (Yesterday-today-tomorrow plants) are extremely toxic in dogs. Lily & Brunfelsia toxicity is an extremely devastating toxicity which, despite the best treatment from vets, causes many cats & dogs to die. If you suspect that your pet has ingested any toxicity, please visit your Vet or Animal Emergency Hospital immediately.

For further information regarding dangerous plants refer to the ASPCA website.

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