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Join Kids With Food Allergies Subscribe to this Newsletter Donate to Keep Kids Safe
Valentine’s Day can make kids with food allergies feel left out or unsafe. Use these tips to pledge #TealLove to a child with food allergies to show them the holiday can be inclusive, safe and fun. 
Specially packaged Valentine’s candy can sometimes have different ingredient labels and warnings. This can be confusing for a child with food allergies. Read our blog post with label-reading tips for some popular Valentine’s candy.
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to focus on candy and sweets. Shift the focus to a non-food celebration with these tips on safe ways to celebrate the holiday. Download our handout to share with your child’s teacher or caregivers.
We are already into the second month of 2018. Are you prepared for everything February brings? Follow our food allergy checklist to make sure you are prepared to set up a 504 plan, register your child for summer camp and more.
Newly Diagnosed With Food Allergies Guide
Are you overwhelmed by a recent food allergy diagnosis? Learn how to keep your child safe as you manage their food allergy. Our downloadable guide offers information about different types of food allergies, anaphylaxis, shopping, cooking and more.
Hot Topics on KFA’s Community
Check out these popular topics on our community support forums. Do you have any advice to share?

Birthday Party Reaction

If it’s been a while since your child had a reaction, it can be easy to let your guard down in some situations. But there is still always the risk of a reaction. Read about one family’s experience and lessons they learned from a recent reaction. Have you had a similar experience?

Decorative Sprinkles for Baking

Children with food allergies can enjoy learning to make their own safe treats. Have you found baking ingredients safe for children with tree nut allergies? Share your food finds with our community. 

Autistic Child Who Is a Picky Eater Diagnosed With Food Allergies

Nutrition can be challenging with a child who is both a picky eater and has food allergies. If you have strategies for picky eaters with food allergies, post your thoughts on this forum topic.

Food Allergy Recalls
Alert - Food Allergy Recalls

8 New Recalls Due to Undeclared Allergens

There were 8 new recalls, including Palmer Sea Salt Caramel Hearts (undeclared peanut) and Michelina’s Fettuccine Alfredo (undeclared soy).
Recipes & Food
Indulge your Valentines with these sweet treats from our allergy-friendly Safe Eats® recipe collection.
Chocolate Dainties

Chocolate Dainties

Bite-Sized Chocolate Crisps

Bite-Sized Chocolate Crisps

Thumbprint Cookies, Dairy and Egg Free

Thumbprint Cookies, Dairy
and Egg Free

Raspberry Coulis

Raspberry Coulis

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Dough Truffles

You Can Save Lives
It’s because of donors like you that we’re able to teach families how to adjust to a new diagnosis of food allergy – and how to send their children off to school safely. Families can find information, understanding, support and hope for managing food allergies day-to-day.

This education and support would not be possible without your generous help. Your gift will be life-changing – and lifesaving.
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