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From all of us at Kids With Food Allergies, thank you for being part of our community of support. We will be right here for you, educating, advocating and supporting research until better treatments – and finally, a cure – for food allergy are found. 
Upcoming food-focused holidays can mean more stress for parents. Follow these five tips to help you avoid allergic reactions during upcoming meals and parties. Also, watch a video on how to make allergy-friendly Brownie-Bottom Pumpkin Bars from Enjoy Life Foods.
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GKI Foods of Brighton, Michigan, has recalled a number of chocolate products that may contain undeclared milk. The recall includes brands like Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, Meijer, Dutch Valley Distributors and more. Find a list of recalled food on our blog and check your pantry. We will be updating our website as the recall expands.  
Ask the Allergist

Can a Child With a Sunflower Seed Allergy Have Sunflower Oil?

If your child is allergic to sunflower seeds, can they have sunflower oil? Dr. Douglas Johnston, a board-certified allergist/immunologist, answers this question.

“Ask the Allergist” is a free service provided by AAFA. Our allergist will answer your questions about managing food allergies, other allergies or asthma. Submit your question on our Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America website.

News & Research

New Prevention Guidelines May Reduce Increasing Rates of Peanut Allergy in Children

New research suggests that peanut allergy in children has increased 21 percent since 2010 and that nearly 2.5 percent of U.S. children may have an allergy to peanuts. The groundbreaking study known as LEAP has shown that feeding peanut to infants early may lower their chance of developing a peanut allergy, prompting the release of new guidelines on when to introduce peanut foods to infants. Experts hope these new guidelines will help reduce the increasing rates of peanut allergies.

Many Pediatricians Are Not Sharing New Peanut Introduction Guidelines With Parents

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) released new guidelines on how to feed peanut to infants earlier this year. While studies show feeding peanut to infants early may reduce the change of developing a peanut allergy, many pediatricians are still not sharing the new guidelines with parents.

Food Allergies in Adults Are on the Rise

Food allergies aren’t just rising in children. They are rising in adults as well. A new study shows that 45 percent of food allergies in adults appear in adulthood. The most common food allergies in adults are shellfish and peanuts.
Hot Topics on KFA’s Community

Food as Part of Preschool Lessons

“My daughter LOVES her preschool. It's her second year there and we have a great relationship with the director and her last year's teachers. In the beginning of the school year we told her new teacher that we would provide all food that my daughter eats. Her new teacher plans tons of her lessons and activities around food.”

Anxiety in First Grade

“My son confided in me last night that he is anxious and nervous at lunch whenever the school serves Chick-Fil-A and the kids that bring lunch have peanut butter. He was nearly in tears worrying that he would have to sit alone without his friends.”

Classroom Celebrations

“Does anyone have a child that attends a school with a non-edible treat policy? If so, how is it working out? Our school leaders are hesitant to implement it because they want to wait until they get a majority of parents and teachers to agree to it. In the meantime, it is frustrating that my child with multiple food allergies cannot participate in class celebrations that involve food.”
Food Allergy Recalls
Alert - Food Allergy Recalls

19 New Recalls Due to Undeclared Allergens

There were 19 new recalls, including a large recall of dark chocolate products that contain undeclared milk, some Nestle Hot Pockets products (undeclared egg, milk, soy and wheat) and Dilettante Chocolates Espresso Blend (undeclared almonds).
Recipes & Food
Mashed potatoes and gravy are Thanksgiving staples for many families. But managing milk, wheat and soy allergies doesn’t mean you have to remove them from your holiday menu. Follow our #SafeEats tips for preparing safe and delicious versions of this favorite.

Here are some other favorite recipes from our Safe Eats® Allergy-Friendly Recipe Collection:

Milk-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free Cream of Mushroom Soup

Autumn Minestrone Soup

Autumn Minestrone Soup

Pumpkin Pastry Bites

Pumpkin Custard Pie

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