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Greetings and Salutations from Seattle... In September!

It's been a great summer in Seattle but OMG - Where does the time go? Is it really September already?  How did that happen and when was the last time I sent an update!?!  Bad Jack!

Let me first start by saying I hope this finds you doing fantastic and living BIG!!!  I'll do my best to keep this email concise and yet I have some big updates for you and a big ask for some support.  So here we go... 

On January 1st, 2015, rather than a resolution, I wanted to select a word or theme that I would focus on in 2015. My word is “Flywheel”. I chose this word because while a flywheel is typically difficult to get spinning and can take great effort (think of the wheel on an exercise bike) once you have it spinning it’s difficult to stop and becomes a very powerful force of motion and can withstand interruptions or distractions… SQUIRREL!!!!

Flywheel – A heavy revolving wheel in a machine that is used to increase the machine’s momentum and thereby provide greater stability or a reserve of available power during interruptions in the delivery of power to the machine.

I have been working on this all year and my goals are starting to gain momentum and it’s time to give it one more big push in 2015 – with all of my mind, heart and body and I’d like to ask for your help…

Several years ago, I took a personal development course where we spent 90 days playing a 'game' working on very specific goals in four areas of our lives - Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental/Wealth/Liberty.  It was a great course and I accomplished more than I ever thought possible. I also recently listened to this Tim Ferriss PodCast with Jane McGonigal that I LOVED. Jane talks about the advantages of having a 'game mentality' and how it can literally be life changing. One of my favorite podcasts to date.  So with that said, I’m starting my own 2015 End Of Year Game.  She also suggests giving it a name, so I am going with '#JackMagic'. 

Here’s what’s going on for me and what will accomplish to finish 2015.

Physical – As some of you already know, I am now less than 90 days out from Ironman Arizona! YIKES! Yup, that is the big physical goal. Scary, awesome and inspiring as I head down the home stretch. As would be typical Jack-Style, I haven’t been training for the last 8 months which is what is typically suggested. I'm going to be ready in 4 months… I started in July! I love me a good challenge! Training is in full swing and I am doing my best to make sure I am ready for IMAZ on November 15th.  Every time I head out to train, I imagine hearing the words, “Jack Smith, you are an Iron Man.”

(Hanging in my living room, every post-it is a workout completed )

To get there, “I will achieve completing an Ironman (2.4 swim, 112 bike, 26.2 run) by working out at least 6 times a week and will include a mix of Crossfit training for strength and my specific Triathlon training.” This will probably be closer to 7 times a week and I know with everything going on, 6 is going to be big stretch.

Spiritual – As of August 15th, I have been in Seattle exactly one year. And while I have lived here before and am familiar with the city and have a few friends, it has been almost 15 years since I have lived here and it still feels like a lonely new city at times. To that end, “I will achieve adding to my community and tribe in Seattle.” Minimum activities completed will include working once a week in a co-working location to meet new people, one weekly training/networking event, and two monthly board/meetup events. Also getting out with the new hound (Dorito) as he is quite the conversation starter!  Organizations I am already working in - Co-Director Startup Grind Seattle, Board Member Washington DECA, Track Co-Leader Seattle Startup Week.

(Dorito - the company mascot and personal side-kick)

Emotional – Some of the most productive and successful people have a defined routine they use to start and end their day. I have been working on this for several months and have not achieved any consistency around the practice.  “I will achieve defining and following a set morning and evening ritual/routine that I will complete on a daily basis.” Specific items include journaling, meditation, reading and other items I will incorporate.

Mental/Wealth/Liberty – Some of you may also know that I have been working on my own tech startup for several months - It’s been a labor of love, patience and passion. For this goal, “I will achieve the launch of the beta version of PopRaz (my mobile app) by the end of  2015.” If you’ve played with software, project management and technology, you know this is an aggressive goal to get from design to product in a few short months. Product branding, design and final development estimates are coming and it’s time to put it all together and build a product and find users/testers!  

I just wrote that and am sharing it… OH SHIT! Yup feels like the right reaction. :-)

So, what does that mean for you? That’s a great question and I’d like your help in answering that in a way that works best for you. 

  • It might be you picking an area or two, setting a goal and we hold each other accountable for the next quarter.
  • It might mean you just drop me a text or a call once in a while to check up on me and my progress with a little love and encouragement.  
    • Cell: 415-404-1971
    • Skype: jacksthebomb
    • Snail Mail: 7511 Greenwood Ave. N. #503  Seattle, WA 98103
  • I'll be in Arizona the week of Nov. 9th and seeing you before, during or after Ironman would be amazing too!  Consider yourself officially invited! It's going to be a 140.6 mile PAR-TAY!!!  I’ll be flying to AZ early in the week so I’m not rushed on the weekend and ready for the big race on Nov. 15, 2015!!! 

I’ll be recording as much of this as I can so just following along on my social channels and leaving a comment or a like as they progress would go a very long way too. I'll be using the hashtag #jackmagic so you can easily find posts.

All of these are incredibly important goals and ones that I am super excited about.  It's time for a great journey and an amazing destination.

I’d like to have you along for the ride and if there is any way that I can support you in what you have going on in your life, I would love to do that too. Have I mentioned that I think you are AWESOME!? :-)

All my best and more updates to come!  

PS - Things I am REALLY loving right now are below.  Of the links below, 'the Skimm' is a referral link because I want a t-shirt... and I really like it.  ;-).  There is no compensation or incentives for the others.  

PPS - On Sunday, Sept. 13th, I'll be launching the Sunday Funday Four.   Instead of a monthly long-form newsletter like this one, I am going to go to a shorter weekly format where I share maybe a paragraph about what is going on and four bullet points that have been valuable for me over the past 7 days.  Those bullet points might be music, video, tools, gadgets, something I have read, abouth health and nutrition or any other number of topics.  I hope you'll like it.  Stay tuned!

I don't like to watch the news for a bunch of reasons AND I also think it is important to be aware of what is going on in the world... and for that, I read the Skimm on a daily basis. I've enjoyed their editorial content and breakdown of the issues.  Good Stuff!
This was a suggestion from a dear friend and is my FAVORITE start to the morning.  It arrives on my phone every morning at about 5:18am and is usually the first thing I review (yes, I am up that early... morning routines!).  I also just saw him speak and was very impressed.  Great bite sized action items every day.  Enjoy!
And last but not least, here is the mediation app that I have been using - Headspace.  I've started with the 10 in 10 program - 10 days of 10 minutes and am working up from there.  I hope you find it useful.  I can actually say that in only a few days, I have noticed some personal changes.
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