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Language Industry of the Basque Country
Newsletter February 2014

Performed Activities
Promoting Language Training initiatives within the RESOT Project framework 09/18/2013
Within the Social Territorial Responsibility framework (Resot- Responsabilidad Social Territorial), Bidasoa Activa, the Local Development Agency from Bidasoa, along with the Basque Association of Language Industries – LANGUNE, created a work group formed by language training organizations of the region.
The aim of this work group was helping the Local Development Agency to establish a series of “innovative activities”, offered by the participants, in order to train a group of unemployed professionals for a work setting where a language different from Basque and Spanish will be used.
We created a document that covers the training activities proposed by the companies, as a result of both the internal management with the interested companies and the face-to-face meeting.  
The suggested activities will be started depending on the resources and priorities considered by the Local Development Agency.

META FORUM 2013 Attendance: Berlin 09/19-20/2013
META FORUM is one of the two main European Language Technology forums. This is the second year in a row that LANGUNE programmed a mission to attend the forum in order to get to know the last technologies and news of the sector and promote the relationships among the main organizations of the sector at European level.
LANGUNE promoted the attendance of several member organizations, among others, making it easier to get an amount of money to defray part of the expenses of journey and accommodation.

Briefing about project management in Europe and the new program framework: Horizon 2020. Eibar 10/17/2013
One of the main challenges of the SMEs in general, and specifically the ones related to the language industry, is taking part in a European project.
In order to inform about the new European funding program: Horizon 2020, and sharing the experience of Basque organizations managing projects in Europe, last October 17th at 10:30am LANGUNE organized an informative session about it at the new Tekniker-IK4 building in Eibar.
Apart from the new program Horizon 2020, the session intended to INFORM and SHARE the experiences of the companies managing projects in Europe.
On the one hand, INFORMING about the existing programs and themes, the funding, the agreement of consortiums, the language/s used, overall, the global management of a project in Europe.
On the other hand, SHARING the experience of many professionals that have already taken part in a project in Europe with all the participants that have not done it yet or they are not able to.

Briefing about the Basque Language Industries Brussels 10/23/2013
Due to the 2nd Language Industry forum (LIND-Web Forum 2013), LANGUNE organized a briefing in the presence of some of the main European public and private institutions related to the Language Industry sector at the Delegation of the Basque Government in Brussels on October 23rd.
The objective of this session was making public some of the main Basque organizations and project models that we are carrying out in the Basque Country regarding the Basque language and Culture.

Attendance and participation in the 2nd European Language Industry forum: LIND-WEB Forum 2013 Brussels 10/24/2013
The 2nd European Language Industry forum – LIND Web Forum ( was held last October 24th in Brussels. As well as in 2012, LANGUNE and several companies of the sector participated actively.
In particular, this year 2013, LANGUNE participated in the panel related to “Employability and Language Services”.
As in the mission to Berlin due to META FORUM 2013, LANGUNE promoted the attendance of several member organizations, among others, making it easier to get an amount of money to defray part of the expenses of journey and accommodation.

Innobasque Tuesdays event: “R&D&I in languages” Bilbao 19/11/2013
On November 19th, Innobasque, in collaboration with the Basque Association of Language Industries – LANGUNE, organized an event, called “Innobasque Tuesdays”, related to the Language Industries in the Basque Country at the BCAM-Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics (Bilbao).
The session informed on how language management and language technology offer solutions to multiple economic sectors. The invited organizations offered innovative experiences in the field of translating and education, as well as the possible implementations of the language technologies in health, tourism or communication.

SDL Trados Professional 2011 training course. Donostia-San Sebastián. 17-18/12/2013
Langune, along with the company AulaSIC S.L., has designed a training course called: “Entorno formativo de SDL Trados Studio”, which is effectively adapted to the needs of the professional translators.
The training is formed by some face-to-face sessions in Euskadi (Donostia-San Sebastián), followed by some specific online modules, adapted to the needs of each participant.
Ongoing Activities
Basque Language Industries sector 2014-2017 Strategic Planning Process. July 2013 - March 2014
LANGUNE has started a strategic planning process which intends, among other things, to identify lines of work, projects and actions for the following years (2014-2017), guided to support and promote the collaboration and competitiveness of the language industries at a regional, national and international level.
In order to coordinate and optimize the basis of participation and the work management, we have proposed several groups where different both associated and non-associated organizations (related to the language industry sector), and other agents not directly related to our sector but will enrich the process with their experience and knowledge are involved. (Other clusters, Innobasque, Orkestra, Public Administrations, etc).
Until now, we have made progress in the following topics: Internal analysis and Value Chain, External analysis and references of interest, SWOT, critical success factors, mission, vision and values, strategic lines and objectives, business model for the Association, dashboard, and these last weeks we have been working in an approximation of the strategic projects that we will be working during the following four years.
The projects and initiatives we will be working in are directed to strengthen the entities of the sector influencing five big strategic challenges:
  • Visibility of the organizations of the sector
  • Global positioning
  • Excellence and innovation
  • Size/Capacity
  • Interempresarial cooperation, multisectorial, public-private
We invite you to participate in this big initiative, sharing your ideas and proposing projects that we could start together. In order to do so, get in touch with us (
We intend to organize an informative session of the presentation of the Strategic planning and the activities foreseen for March 2014. Of course, you are all invited to attend this session.
Following Activities
Project: “Bidasoa: One area, three languages. Towards a Multilingual Management Program”
The project is held from the will of strengthening the vision of Bidasoa-Txingudi area (Irun, Hondarribia and Hendaia) as a unique social and economic territory that goes beyond administrative division. Following this logic, the worker mobility is essential. It is necessary for it to function as a unique and particular market. For that, communication –languages- should not be seen as a barrier, but as an opportunity.
Therefore, the project is based in promoting a Multilingual Management Program in the companies of the area, in collaboration with the language teaching sector, and support from the public local sector. It is an approach such an essential topic as the management of the linguistic competences in the production fabric and the active population of the cross-border area.
For more information:

Preview of the Project initiatives planned for the next strategic planning 2014-2017
Within the strategic planning process, the Association LANGUNE is centred in identifying a first set of projects initiatives to be worked the following years.
In order to do so, we have organized different work meetings, with partner entities, to ease and animate them to plan their needs and projects.
As a consequence, we have a first version of all the initiatives, which we need to group and analyse. Anyways, during the month of January, we will contrast a “reviewed” version of that set, with the partner entities.
If you have special interest in any of them or want to have more information about it:
PROYECTOS. 2014-2017
  • Impulso al modelo I+D+i+Multilingüismo.
  • Reconocimiento al profesional de las Industrias de la Lengua (Campaña "publicitaria" de bajo coste utilización redes sociales).
  • Premios LANGUNE. Desarrollo de NUEVAS iniciativas/negocios/…dentro de las empresas o en centros tecnológicos/universidades ("spin-offs").
  • Desarrollo de catálogo de competencia y productos.
  • Agenda anual de jornadas de difusión en Asoc. Empresariales y Agencias de Desarrollo (Tipos "Martes de Innobasque")=> Qué y a quienes.
  • Listado anual de participación en eventos.
  • Identificar capacidades para afrontar nuevos mercados.
  • Bechmarking de mercados de interés. Acciones directas en mercados preferentes.
  • OLITE: Ordenagailuz Lagundutako Itzulpen Tresna Eleaniztuna.
  • Informe. Situación actual de las Tecnologías del Lenguaje respecto a las lenguas, y en particular hacia el Euskera.
  • IRTEN+ Canal integral para la relación de las PYMES con clientes internacionales.
  • BIG DATA y Tecnología Lingüística.
  • Impulso al modelo "Del Euskera al mundo". Mejora competitiva de las entidades del área de traducción.
  • Observatorio del sector.
  • Identificación de acciones que fomenten el emprendizaje.
  • UNE-EN 15038 para los servicios de traducción.
  • Curso de formación: SDL Trados Studio 2011 Professional.
  • Itzulpengintza eta teknologia Gradua (UEU).
  • Desarrollo de la oferta formativa de LANGUNE. Captación de necesidades (análisis necesidades, determinar la formación, búsqueda del "profesorado" y financiación). ¿Qué intereses tienen las empresas?
  • Transferencia de buenas prácticas. Traer expertos para capacitar a las empresas en áreas de interés: Multilingüismo, Tecnología,...
  • Capacitar a los  profesionales de la traducción en PostEdición (Traducción Automática): Formación + Concienciación social  hacia el nuevo modelo de trabajo de los traductores (Cambio de paradigma).
  • Identificación de grandes proyectos para los que sea necesario la colaboración empresarial para tener acceso a ello.
External promotion activities foreseen for the language industry sector 2014
We enclose the initial activities foreseen to be developed by LANGUNE in the area of external market during the year 2014.
If you are interested in any of these actions, or want to enrich the list with new activities that you are going to attend, do not hesitate in sharing them with LANGUNE (
  • Asistencia y participación en la feria: "Expolangues 2014 : les langues du monde, le monde des langues". 05-08/02/2014
  • GALA 2014. The Language of Business. The Business of Language. 23-26/03/2014
  • LT-Innovate Summit 2014 - 25-26/06/2014
  • Meta Forum 2014 - 18-19/09/2014
  • Language Show Live 2014. 17-19/10/2014
  • LIND-Web Forum 2014. III Foro de la Industria de la Lengua a nivel Europeo & 4rd Translation Studies day. 22-23/10/2014
  • Kites Symposium 2014. 31/10/2014
  • The Language Industry Showcase. 6-7/11/2014
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