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Sailing in spring season

It is still winter, but before you know it, spring is coming. In the Mediterranean sea it is earlier spring and if you do not mind not being able to sail in your swimming trunks then that is the best time. Everything is in bloom on the land. On the water it is quiet, the ports have enough space and still charge low season prices. If you want to enjoy this, let us know and we will make a super nice offer for you.
When you don't have enough experience you can also do this with your own private skipper on board.

The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is the largest event in the Netherlands for watersports, lifestyle and recreation. Our British clients have to wait for the Southampton boatshow from 13 - 22 September.

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"World on Water" January 25.19 Global Sailing News

Croatia super popular this summer! Pay attention to where you take a mooring buoy.
Along the Croatian coast the overnight anchorages are numerous. In many places where you would like to anchor yourself, mooring buoys are placed. Sometimes by the government, sometimes by the municipalities and sometimes by a permit holder. The Croatian government keeps a list of the legally exploited places. The Austrian Wolfgang Goetzinger conveniently summarized those locations as a layer in a map of Google maps. He regularly updates the locations indicated on his maps, but they are not the only ones. To anchor in the vicinity of such a field with mooring buoys is tempting, but keep in mind that it is not allowed to anchor within 150 meters of such a field


Sailing along the Cote d'Azur
Sailing in the wake of Brigitte Bardot. Visit the famous Monte Carlo in Monaco and do not miss the Cannes Film Festival. There are plenty of fantastic ports, but also picturesque fishermen's quays along the Cote d 'Azur. Port prices do not differ from those in Italy or Croatia. Charter prices are competitive with the rest of Europe. If you want to use a skipper, you can count on a price between 150 and 200 euros per day for the skipper.

Frequently asked Questions.
A question that occasionally comes along and is not listed in the FAQs.

How long are the beds aboard my ship?
Most beds have a length between 1.90 and 2.10 meters. The beds will also be 2.10 meters long for larger vessels.

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