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New virus on the rise! The sailing virus!

After the good news about the vaccine for the Covid virus this week, it may well be that the Sailing virus will attack you.

How do you know if you have the sailing virus?
You search the internet for nice sailing destinations and look which sailing yachts are available there.
You watch nice sailing videos
Suddenly you come across a lot of nice sailing accessories

And you watch the UK team Ineos:  or the World Sailing Show:

Do you have 1 or more of these symptoms? Register with us and we will find the best medicine for you. A fantastic sailing holiday to look forward to!

Availability of yachts

We see in the booking schedules of the charter companies that a lot of boats have already been booked. The biggest cause for this is the postponed holidays of last summer.

In general, 30 to 40 percent has moved forward, which means that the availability of the yachts is already less. That is why we recommend that you book your sailing holiday as soon as possible. Of course with good Covid / Corona conditions.

Plastic soup

Maybe you've seen our post on facebook? It is about plastic in all kinds of cosmetic products which also ends up in the sea.
Plastic in your shampoo or in your sun creamlotion, it is not normal anymore, is it? And that all ends up in the environment. Download the app so that you don't buy anything that contains plastic.

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Be carefull with the Corona Virus and stay healthy!



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