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Stinging Nettles, Extra Vigin Olive Oil, Flor de Sal, Hot Oven

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Back to Work

We had a great time in Mexico, but it's back to reality. 

All of the 2012 harvest Italian extra virgin olive oils are on sale, and these oils will still be very, very tasty for some time to come. The best deal is 5 liters of Madre Terra for $75, at $15 per liter less expensive than the California Everyday. 

Roasted Stinging Nettle

The first time I had stinging nettle on pizza at Lovely's Fifty Fifty was a revelation. Whole leaves of Urtica dioica draped across the pie emerged from the oven slightly crispy, and the nettles' already hearty flavor were even more pronounced.

I'd picked up a couple of quarter pound bags from Springwater Farm at the farmers market Saturday, and instead of the usual boiling water bath I stuck them into a hot oven. The results were delicious.

Turn your oven up as high it will go (my 50-year old Wedgewood tops out at 600F) and let it heat up for at least 15 minutes. Spread the nettles onto a sheet pan (wear gloves, and it's okay if they pile up a bit; I put a half pound on a standard half sheet pan), drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle with flor de sal. Slide them into the hot oven for about 10 minutes or until they just begin to brown. 

If you can stop eating them right from the pan, toast some good bread and pile a handful on top.


Here’s the deal. Each olive oil csa share costs $100; once the shipment of imported oil arrives from Italy sometime in April or May, you can redeem it for $120 worth of oil or other stuff I sell. Sign up now, the csa will close in a month or so.


See you Monday,


Activspace is at 833 SE Main and occupies the corner of SE 9th and Main. My “warehouse,” number 122, is on the 9th Street side on the ground floor of the NE corner of the building facing the parking lot. Look for the “extra virgin” sign on the sidewalk out front. Please park on the street so you don’t get towed from the lot.

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