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Don't let the June bug catch you!
 Festival season is finally here! So get your wellies on, crank up the volume and make some noise for the CF: G June Newsletter. 

 If we 'May' say ourselves, last month was filled to the brim with events and this coming month is no exception. So whether you are BBQ-ing or sitting by the pool in a rain poncho. Have a read about the goodies we have in store for you this June.
The past month at CF: G
The sun! The glorious sun! With all this rain we didn't think summer would happen. There's nothing like a lovely bit of sunshine to brighten up your day whilst organising events and courses.
We've got a lot planned for this summer. Of "course" our Summer Intensive & Bootcamp, but we've also got a Masterclass and a new Hack Your Career event coming up! We're so excited to share those with you guys.

Read on to learn more about the amazing adventures of CF:G!  

Hack Your Career Event in Trading & Financial Market with BAML
2nd May, London

Last month we had our 'Hack Your Career Event' in Trading and Financial Markets, hosted by our fantastic sponsor Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

We had an exciting panel event discussing the latest developments in the fintech world ranging from artificial intelligence driven trading algorithms through to high frequency foreign exchange platforms. This was followed by a round table discussion with the panelists and other Bank of America employees.

Thank you to our lovely panellists Stuart from IG Group, Laura from Zerado, Thomas from Capital MomentsNatasha from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the Bank of America volunteers and everyone who attended.

Cocktails & Coding at the Sanderson Hotel
10th & 16th May, London

Code First: Girls teamed up with the Sanderson Hotel this month to deliver two Cocktails & Coding sessions. Attendees were able to sip on some of the Sanderson's delicious cocktails - rustled up by their in-house mixologists - whilst CF:G CEO Amali led a presentation on the structure of the web, the difference between coders and programmers and what peer-to-peer networks are.

Check out Computer Weekley's lovely review of the event here.


Tech London Advocates: Investor Showcase 
11th May, London

Last month we attended Tech London Advocates Investor Showcase. It was a great chance for us to talk about the courses we run on both the community and professionals side and a new campaign that we have coming up (keep an eye out for this).

We also saw presentations and displays from a range of start-ups, from chocolate companies to AR first aid courses.

Women of Silicon Roundabout
11th May, London

CF:G CEO Amali was invited to chair the set of Technical Track Talks at the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference last month. 

The conference aimed to open up discussions around the fundamentals of attracting, hiring, developing and retaining diverse talent.
Attendees heard from from the stories and experiences of successful women and men across the tech ecosystem.
 They also gained practical knowledge and skills through in-depth workshops designed to advance and develop their soft skills. It was a great event to hear from inspirational talks and to network.

What's coming up at CF: G

Hack Your Career in AR/VR
27th June, London

In 2016, Goldman Sachs Research projected augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to become an $80 billion market by 2025, equivalent to the desktop PC market today. Both AR and VR are transformative technologies that have the possibility to change all industries from both a consumer engagement and enterprise perspective. 

The application and impact of both AR/VR can already been seen across a number of sectors that we interact with every day, including fashion, education, engineering, medical institutions and real estate. Beyond gaming, VR technology has seen exciting application in medicine, healthcare as well as aviation to name a few. Social media platforms such as Snapchat - and more recently Instagram - have bought AR to the masses over the past few years, and 2016 saw Niantic’s Pokémon GO become a global phenomenon.     

 London specifically, has become home to growing number of AR/VR companies and accelerators including BlipparVieweetImmerse LearningImprobable and Immersive Rehab.                 

So what is AR/VR about and how can I get involved? What career opportunities are there and what future developments are on the horizon? Join us for our ‘Hack Your Career in AR/VR’ with Code First: Girls (CF: G), kindly hosted for us at Blippar London, to find out more!

At the event we’ll be joined by an exciting variety of speakers from different companies across the sector; from global AR/VR start-ups, to multinational corporations and SMEs. You will get the chance to speak with leaders in the field, and demystify what a career in technology, and specifically in AR/VR could look like. And who knows, perhaps you'll discover your dream job?

Sign up for your ticket here. 

UX Masterclass
8th July, London

What is UX? Why do we even do it? 

Have you heard the abbreviations 'UX' being exchanged a lot lately? That's no surprise, as this immersive tool lies behind most designed products on the market today.

User Experience is behind everything that we do when we interact with software. It's the emotions of getting frustrated when a field gives us a ridiculous error or the happiness when the page loads in time to tell us we're on time for a train. 
It is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.

Join us for this one-day Masterclass event in London and learn the basics of UX Design. The masterclass is a full day of interesting sessions, speakers and of course, food! 

Full details and signup here

CF: G Annual Summer Party!
18th July, London

It's party time! We'd love to invite you to join us for our CF:G annual summer party, kindly hosted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Our summer party is a great opportunity for you to join us and celebrate all the wonderful things we've achieved over the last year and to find out what we've got planned for the next. Meet up with our amazing instructors, ambassadors and students over some canapés and drinks on a beautiful rooftop terrace. 

Spaces are limited so be sure to secure your free ticket ASAP here.

Summer Bootcamp
24th July 2017, London

Our two-week Summer Bootcamp, kindly hosted by Campus London, is running again this July - August. The Summer Bootcamp is a chance for those of you working on your own projects (or looking to begin a project) to get help from CF:G instructors. In previous years, we have had an amazing range of projects built during the bootcamp, from websites to apps and even a game!

Apply here!

Community Courses

Register Your Interest for our A/W Courses!

 It's never too early to register your interest for one our courses. You'll be notified when we open the application forms.

Our Autumn/Winter 2017 courses will start again around September/October time and are held at a variety of locations across the UK & Ireland.

Register your interest here

Keep an eye on our websiteTwitter & Facebook page for further updates.

Instructor of the Month

This Month's Instructors Are...

Emily Flynn

"Emily wonderfully illustrates key coding concepts with examples, aiding my understanding of the material. She is always available to discuss and help further"

Dave Chaston

"He has been so helpful in clarifying any misunderstandings I've had when coding. He's been there every week and during social too. Dave is swift at attending to students who need help. He has proven to be very committed and very supportive!"   

Click here to nominate your instructor(s) or teaching assistant(s), and each month we'll read through the nominations and feature the most nominated ones here. Go go go!

Events We're Supporting

2nd June, London

ClojureBridge is a free, beginner-friendly workshop teaching the Clojure programming language, primarily aimed at those who identify as women, transgender & non-binary. 

You’ll learn fundamental programming concepts in Clojure through practical examples and exercises. Teachers and assistants are there to guide you and help you build your first apps in Clojure.

The workshop is open to people who are completely new to programming, through to existing developers new to Clojure. We organise attendees into small groups with at least one teacher and one assistant.

Read more and register for free tickets here

Tech Data Hack
16th and 17th June, London

This is a two-day event loaded with innovation, tech, collaborative energy, industry leaders, great food, never-ending coffee supplies, and tireless facilitators. This is your chance to get involved in developing future solutions that harness the power of analytics and data visualisation to guide users through events, spaces, and transportation networks.

Join Tech Data and Snook to gain hands-on experience, meet talented people, produce prototypes - and possibly even get the chance to license and develop your product together with Tech Data.

Read more and register for free tickets here

SSSHAKE app iOS launch
16th June, London

Our alumni Valentine (featured on the Wall of Fame below) and her team launched their new app and have invited the CF:G community to celebrate with them! 

The launch event will be at the Juju's Bar & Stage and feature inspirational talks and an award winning ceremony in collaboration with Free Range and Gallery 6. There will also be live music!

The night is dedicated to your creativity, and you will have the opportunity to connect with uplifting people and download SSSHAKE on iOS, discovering the profiles and works of all the talented people surrounding you.

Read more and register for free tickets here

YFood Tech Wednesdays: Meet graze's CEO, Anthony Fletcher 
28th June, London

Want to meet London's thriving Food Tech community and hear from one of the UK's leading technology companies? Join YFood at The Hoxton Hotel for their monthly YFood Tech Wednesdays where they'll be in conversation with Anthony Fletcher, CEO of graze. Tickets are free and beer is kindly provided by the lovely folk at Forest Road Brewery.

Read more and register for free tickets here

Data Inc.lusive 
28th June, London

Join the exciting launch of Data Inc.lusive – a new initiative in diversity and inclusion in the data sector.
Diversity is desperately needed in data teams to avoid the always present all male bias and Kubrick’s aim is to achieve a 50/50 female/male split in their team of consultants by 2018.

The launch event will bring women and men together to speak diversity and inclusion, how it is to work in the sector and what needs to be done to provoke change.

Guest speakers include:
Johanna Hutchinson, Head of Data for the Pension Regulator 
Kevin Fletcher, the Chief Economist, Director of Data (interim) and Director of Knowledge, Analysis and Intelligence (KAI) for HM Revenue & Customs.
This will be followed by networking drinks and nibbles.

Whether you are a graduate, junior professional thinking, a professional or a business leader  – the event provides a platform for conversation, ideas, and most of all opportunity for progress.

Before the event begins Kubrick are hosting an open afternoon (4.00-6.00pm), where it is possible to meet consultants in training, consultants on site and the techy brains of the company to find out more about their Development Programme.

Read more and register for free tickets here


Maddox Events gave us 3 free tickets for the Woman of Silicon Roundabout! One of our lucky competition winners, Edyta, has written about her time at the conference.

Check it out here.

Community success

Have you recently started a new role in tech or entrepreneurship? Have you presented at an amazing conference, won an award, or built something exciting?

If so, we want to know about it!

Email your name, role, and company name with a picture to, and we'll be picking out the best to profile in the next newsletter.

Alumni Wall of Fame

We launched our Alumni Wall of Fame last year and want to continue to share our amazing community success on our website. 

No story or success story is too small! Let us know if you've recently achieved something tech-related, whether that be switching to a developer role, working at a technology company, or anything else tech related, 

Nominate yourself or someone you know to be featured on the wall here

Congratulations to Henrietta Hickling

Henrietta completed our Professionals HTML/CSS course in June 2016. By doing the course she has interviewed at two website manager role and got a the role as a Marketing Specialist at Amazon! 

From the course she has also set up her own website for her floristry portfolio! Take a look 

Congratulations to Valentine del Giudice 

Valentine completed our beginners course whilst at university and is the founder and CTO of her startup SSSHAKE. She works alongside mobile app developers in the production of the app. 

Read more about her here and check out the app here.

Congratulations to Funmi Adewodu 

 Funmi was awarded a place at Makers Academy in February 2017 and while attending a Hackathon at Starling Bank, was offered the role as a Junior Developer! She will now go on to do Makers Academy before starting her new role!

Read more about her on our Wall of Fame.

Congratulations to Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor is currently doing her Masters in Physics. She completed our Beginners HTML/CSS course in her final year I completed and found she loved developing for front-end and so worked hard to earn a position on the development team at Technology Will Save Us. After she graduates she will begin working as an Intern to progress into a permanent role as a Junior Developer.

Check out our Wall of Fame here. 

Congratulations to Shwetal Shah

 Shwetal is one of our 2017 "Ones to Watch" cohort and has just been featured on SE100 Inspiring Social Enablers Programme

Read more about Shwetal here on our Ones to Watch 2017.

CF:G Jobs Blog

Each month companies submit vacancies to our jobs board, and each month, we feature a select few below. To view the full selection and apply, visit the job blogs

If you're a company looking to place an advert, do feel free to fill out the form on this page. We'd love to share your opportunities and vacancies!

Head of Communities, Code First: Girls

This is new role, at a mid-senior level that would suit an individual who's worked at a company for cir. 6+ years, and has line managed people before. Some previous exposure to/experience in the tech industry would be beneficial.

The role is busy and varied; you’ll lead our community activities which includes:
Our community courses,
Our community events, including our flagship annual conference (hosted  at Twitter in 2017)
Activities related to our ‘Ones to watch’ community and mentoring programme

As a leader in the company, you will be responsible for the growth and expansion strategy of the high profile Community part of the business.

Full details

Community Programmes Manager, Code First: Girls

This is a junior-mid level that would suit an individual who's worked at a company for cir. 2-4 years, and has managed projects/programmes before. Some previous exposure to/experience in the tech industry would be beneficial.

The role is busy and varied; you’ll work with our Head of Communities to manage our community activities which include:
Our community courses,
Our community events, including our flagship annual conference (hosted  at Twitter in 2017)
Activities related to our ‘Ones to watch’ community and mentoring programme

This is a key programme management role in the company, you will be responsible executing and managing activities in the high impact Community part of the business.

Full details

Fellowship Operations Assistant, Entrepreneur First

We were told it was impossible to build companies from scratch, and over the past five years we have built a robust and scalable way to do this.
The Fellowship teams role is to turn the selected cohort of 100 individuals into fundable teams. After the Fellowship, the teams are passed to Programme to prepare them for external funding. This role ensures that the operational function of the Fellowship runs smoothly for the team and cohort.

Full details

To view the full selection of jobs and see more information about these roles, check out our jobs blog

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