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March 2022 Newsletter

Round Table #2 Edition



Early spring greetings to all!       

Our campaign to establish a municipal electric utility in Ann Arbor is steadily moving forward. The city will soon solicit bids from qualified consulting firms to conduct a municipalization feasibility study. Meanwhile A2P2 is in the early stages of planning a city-wide petition drive to place a municipalization referendum on a future election ballot for voters to decide.

This spring we are planning several events to educate the community (and ourselves) on the benefits of municipalization. Please join us.

Municipalization Round Table #2 (virtual) will take place on Thursday, March 24, 2022, from 7-9 pm:

“Public Power: A Real Plan to get to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030.”

The panelists:

Greg Woodring, President, Ann Arbor for Public Power

Ember McCoy, PhD student, U-M School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS)

Zackariah Farah, U-M LSA Study Body Vice President

After the presentation panelists will take questions from viewers. 

Click here to register.

Monthly in-person meeting on Saturday, April 9, 2022!


Anyone interested in municipalization is invited to join us, April 9, 2022, from 3-5 pm for an informal gathering at the Yard at York, an outdoor wine garden and bar located at 1928 Packard. 

Until now, Covid has kept our meetings virtual. We’ll be taking advantage of a relatively safe period to greet each other in person, to celebrate spring, and to share our thoughts on bringing public power to Ann Arbor. Parking is behind the building.

Round Table #3 coming up on April 21, the day before Earth Day!

The theme will be: Public Power around the Country: Getting to 100% Renewables. Representatives from both established and aspiring munis (and state-wide efforts) across North America will share their experiences and insights.

A2P2 Public Power Festival in Burns Park on Sunday, May 22, 2022, from 5-9 pm!

Like last year’s Festival, we will fill you in on our progress to date, introduce our Advisory Board, feature an invited keynote speaker as well as food, music, A2P2 yard signs and stickers, and much more. Find out how to be part of the campaign for public power. More info as we get closer to the date.

In the past and in the future

On Thursday, March 10, 2022, A2P2 members attended the virtual monthly meeting of the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association (GLREA). One major issue was DTE’s current rate case, now under review by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC), which regulates the state’s private utilities.  In addition to an 8.8 percent increase in residential electricity rates, DTE proposes to levy a ‘Demand Charge’ of roughly $100 per month for households with rooftop solar. GLREA members noted that this is an obvious attempt by DTE to stop homeowners and small businesses from investing in new solar systems. GLREA encourages all to go to their website ( and submit a comment to the MPSC opposing  DTE’s plan. In addition, DTE proposes to slash by almost two-thirds the already low rate that homeowners receive for excess solar energy they return to the grid. The GLREA plans to join with other environmental groups to organize a protest in Lansing on Earth Day; A2P2 emphatically supports this action.


On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, A2P2 co-sponsored a program organized by Ann Arbor’s Office of Sustainability and Innovations (OSI) on “The Recent ICPP Report and Relevance for Michigan.” Dr. Jonathan Overpeck (“Peck”), Dean of the U-M School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) provided an overview of the findings of the IPCC Sixth Assessment report (2022), “Impacts, Adaption and Vulnerability.” He explained how the work of many scientists came together to create a detailed compilation of our current state of knowledge of climate change and its impacts. He took the audience through various graphs illustrating how the planet could slowly become too hot to sustain life, which is why it is important to act now. While over two thirds of Americans believe that we are in a crisis, most don’t talk about it; it remains on the back burner of our consciousness. Dr. Overpeck believes that the climate crisis needs to be the main agenda for the nation. The report also calls out disinformation by Republicans and media taken over by the oil companies. Overpeck claims that fossil fuel companies like Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, and Shell are fighting to destroy the planet. 


As to the impact in Michigan, he strongly endorses the GLREA’s fight (See above) against DTE’s new solar tariff request. He also notes how weather events often cause cascading disasters. For example, Detroit has experienced massive flooding this past year, but the storm that causes the flooding also knocks out the electricity, which causes a general system collapse. Indigenous communities in Michigan disproportionally feel the impact of the climate crisis, algae blooms grow worse with warming, air-borne diseases and lyme disease thrive, there is 12% less food productivity, and the mental health of all is affected. While we are at a dangerous turning point, he stated that it is not too late to slow the climate crisis. We all must be engaged.

Welcome, Volunteers!

To get involved, contact us at Let us know how you can help. For example, you can put up one of our handsome new yard signs on your lawn. For the more ambitious, we’ll be spreading the word about our muni in door-to-door canvassing or through social media. When we sponsor a public event, you can help us talk about our campaign with those who attend. Or if you have a special skill, let us know. We welcome all to our team of volunteers!

Join our Discord

Want to join the fight for energy justice and democracy in Ann Arbor? Join the discussion in Ann Arbor for Public Power's Discord server! Our Discord server has up-to-date information about our plans and events. To join, send an email to with "Discord" in the subject line and we'll send you an invite!

The situation in Ukraine

We lament Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a war that is claiming many lives. Our sympathies are with the Ukrainian people as they suffer from the senseless violence of armed conflict. We admire their determination to fight for their country. We hope that a cease fire and end to the hostilities can be negotiated as soon as possible.


In the meantime

We’re proud to be doing our part in Ann Arbor to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and to establish our own municipal electric utility. Please join us. Check out our website at or contact us directly at

And register to join our Round Table #2 on Thursday, March 24, 2022, from 7-9 pm!

Have questions, concerns, or just want to say hi? Reach out to A2P2 at!
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