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Newsletter - January 16, 2015


You’ve been in Thailand for a while now and surely you’ve thought about it – after all, renting doesn’t make much sense, and an apartment doesn’t really feel like home. You want to make the commitment to staying here and feel that buying a little piece of the Land of Smiles will provide a sense of permanence.
We couldn’t agree more, and AD ASIA Consulting can help every step of the way. So before you hand over your life savings for your dream house, please contact us, because there are some pitfalls involved in buying property in Thailand. Here’s what we’ll to avoid them: 
  • Working with our partner law firm, Phoenix Barrister, we’ll conduct a thorough examination of the title deed recorded at the Land Department to assure that the seller has clear and legal title to the property he’s selling you.
  • We’ll verify zoning, environmental and planning codes in the area to assure that the property you want to purchase is free of restrictions like height, something that occurs frequently in in beach resorts.
  • We’ll conduct the due diligence required to assure that your purchase is a sound investment, checking with other buyers to see if they are satisfied, and inspecting the land, building permits and court records. 
  • Our legal team will walk you through the entire purchase process, and advise you on matters like when to put your deposit down and adding an ‘exit clause’ to the deposit agreement.
  • We’ll act as your estate agent because property is affected by so many variables that it is crucial to have a local expert who speaks the language and is experienced in real estate transactions in the area where you intend to buy. 
  • We’ll assure that a giant view-blocking development isn’t being planned outside your bedroom window, as has occurred in several high-profile cases, notably in resort communities like Pattaya.
  • We’ll advise you on the pros and coms of putting your house in the name of a company, giving ownership of the land and home to your Thai partner, or taking the simpler route and buying a condo. In Thailand, Foreigners can own condos freehold, provided Thais own the majority of other units.
This is the easiest transaction, though one that still shouldn’t be conducted alone, particularly if you are relatively new to Thailand. Call us and let us show you how to become a happy homeowner in your retirement years, or make a satisfactory return on your property investment here in Thailand.
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Starting Price 
1.59 Million Baht
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1.9 Million Baht
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2.4 Million Baht
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1.5 Million Baht
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