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Ensuring the necessary care for wounded, ill and injured service members is an important component to ensuring America's commitment to its military services-a large portion of this care depends on those military family caregivers. To learn more about issues facing the military caregivers and how military professionals can provide assistance, check out eXtension Military Family Caregiving now!


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 5 Tips for Military Caregivers during the  Holidays
 The holidays can often be a time filled with many emotions for military  caregivers, ranging from thankfulness and joy, to stress and frustration.  Overwhelmed with daily responsibilities of providing care to our service  members, the holidays, as special as they may be to us, may leave us vulnerable  to  stress. Read more...

VA Home Loans: Know Your Benefits
 In 2008 over 3 million Americans saw their homes foreclosed upon. The  foreclosure rate dramatically increased 81 percent from the previous year and  225  percent from 2006. A lot of people were hit hard and, military families were  no  exception. Some estimates put the 2008 foreclosure rates in military towns  as  high as four times the national average. Six years later, many perspective  homeowners still free trepidation when it comes to buying a home. Read  more... 

Effects of Visible and Invisible Parent Combat Injuries on Children 
Service members returning from deployment may come home with a visible physical injury, such as loss of a limb; an invisible physical injury, such as traumatic brain injurt (TBI); or an emotional injury, such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Whatever the injury, adapting is one of the most difficult deployment-related challenges that service members and their families face. Read more...


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