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April 2017
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The monthly newsletter by Elisa Korenne about oddballs, history, music, and writing featuring free songs and books. This month:

Words on My Mind
Oddball of the Month: Victoria Woodhull
Smatterings: Books, music, and odds & ends that made my month
Notes from the Field
Recent Blog Posts
Contest: Win a Free Book and CD
Pre-release book excerpt
Music Giveaway

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Cover of Book Hundred Miles to Nowhere by Elisa Korenne


"If the light shining on you is brighter than the light shining in you, the light on you will destroy you" ~ Christine Caine

Photo: 19th century convention defier Victoria Woodhull


Colorful, controversial 19th-century convention-defier: first woman to run for president and free-love advocate. Born to an abusive snake-oil salesman who sold her in marriage to an abusive doctor and pimp, Victoria rose from poverty to become a traveling clairvoyant, the first female broker on Wall Street, the first woman to address Congress, and exiled to England after becoming infamous for her views on women’s sexual emancipation. Consort of Cornelius Vanderbilt and reviled by contemporary feminists, Woodhull made history as the 1872 presidential candidate for the Equal Rights Party. Learn more here. 

SMATTERINGS: Books, music, and odds & ends that made my month

Books about Papua New Guinea: I fell in love with Euphora by Lily King based on Margaret Mead's love triangle and then found my way to Kira Salak's Four Corners about Salak's real-life solo trek. 

Children's Book of the Month: Where's My T.R.U.C.K. by Karen Beaumont about a little boy who can't find his truck. The rhymes and rhythm are fantastic. 

Music on my mind: As I've been finishing my new show "Crazy About You," I can't get the beautiful song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley out of my head. 

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  • TEDx Talk: I have been invited to present my TEDx Talk "Differences Don't Have to Divide Us" at TEDx Gull Lake on April 22. The talk will include live performances of excerpts of my songs "Butte," "Andy the Lightbulb Eater," and "Hold On - The Dr. Bronner Song." Video of the speech to be posted on my website when available.  
  • All new website! Come checkout my beautiful new website courtesy of my own personal web guru, Corey Kretsinger of MidState Design.
  • BOOK RELEASE June 2017: North Star Press releases my memoir Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story. It's already received praise from Will Weaver, Josh Axelrad, Mark Oppenheimer and others. Preorder on Amazon. See what else people are saying about the book. 
  • "Crazy About You" my show about the fine line between sanity and insanity premiers this June. Learn more...


I'm making a point of blogging more frequently. Here are a couple of my most recent blog posts. 

HUNDRED MILES TO NOWHERE Author Q&A Answers to an array of questions that you might want - or never would think - to ask. What is something not many people know about you? I’ve visited six of the seven continents (missing Antarctica) and lived on three of them (N. America, Europe, and New Zealand.)...READ MORE

The Irony of My Sexist 9th-Grade Typing Class For years I resented my 9th-grade typing class which was forced only upon the girls who wanted to sing. Until I discovered the irony: because my high school made girls learn to type in the 1980s, I was more than prepared for the information technology revolution of... READ MORE

Win a signed copy of my memoir, Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story and its musical counterpart my CD Concrete

TO ENTER: All you need to do is think of an oddball and enter it in. You can even submit yourself! Winners will be selected randomly, without concern for the oddball you submitted. Click here to enter.

Pre-release excerpt of HUNDRED MILES TO NOWHERE

This June, North Star Press will be releasing my first book, Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story. It's a memoir about my move from New York City to New York Mills, MN and how I find somewhere, and someone, in the middle of nowhere. 

To celebrate the upcoming book launch, I will be sharing the first three chapters via this newsletter.This month, I feature the PROLOGUE that opens the book. 


Sometimes, surrounded by the endless Minnesota sky, I believe I have come home. Other times, I am sure moving from New York City to rural Minnesota was a mistake.

It is morning, and I walk the half mile down my gravel driveway, humming a melody that may one day grow up to be a song. Pastures unfold in every direction, separated by copses of aspen and pine, oak and maple. Like most autumn mornings while burgundy leaves linger on the oaks, I take Meadow for a walk. Really, the yellow lab is my ex- cuse to walk myself. Every morning when I start my walk, I hope that, this time, motion will help me outpace my melancholy...READ MORE. 


"Love to Love - The Victoria Woodhull Song"

Click link to access a free copy of the rip-roaring rock song inspired by the controversial and love-loving life of Victoria Woodhull. 
Copyright © 2017 Edgy and Elegant Music, All rights reserved.

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