November 2013
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Walt Disney                Albert Einstein            
Bruce Spingsteen        Richard Branson
Steve Jobs                 Henry Ford

All of the people above are known for their creativity, innovation and ability to tell a story to sell their brand. Those are the reasons we watch movies, read books, go to museums or buy that brand spankin’ new Apple product. At Oilfield PULSE believe strongly in the power of creativity, storytelling and innovation to reach your goals.  
What’s your goal? To spread your message and get people to actually listen? To make that next sale? Bottom line - tell your story and be innovative and creative in all that you do.


1. Stop Helping Your Prospects Lower Your Prices!
2. Take A Walk In Her Shoes!
3. Storytelling vs Facts - Which Emerges Victorious?
4. Do Your Clients Know Everything You Do?
5. Controlling Your Future Through Brand Recognition
It’s worked for the people listed above however you may be thinking, “But they’re famous!” Don’t sell yourself short, they didn’t start out that way. Every last one of those people knew how to be creative, innovative and tell a story to get where they are. So why can’t you and your business do the same?
Oilfield PULSE and PULSE Interactive are your outlet to achieve those goals. Read on to learn more about creative innovators in the Oil and Gas industry, how storytelling can benefit your business, and sales tactics to avoid ‘anchoring’ with your prospects.
Happy reading and see you next month!
Before you choose to answer your prospect’s “how much” question, consider if you are unintentionally helping your prospect lower your prices.
Did you catch the November 2013 issue of Oilfield PULSE featuring Armco?

Take a read!


Oil & Gas Features:

  • Armco: Spotlight on owner Tiffany Armitage
  • Operator Focus – Chadd Radke of Stormhold Energy Ltd.
  • NCS Oilfield Services
 Lifestyle Features:
  • Western Canadian Wine Consultants – The Best Consultants You’ll Ever Meet!
  • Calgary Women in Energy

Carnegie Mellon did a fascinating study on the power of storytelling vs hard core fact/benefit selling in sales efforts.The first test they ran involved a sales letter promoting a non-profit.

We all suffer from the same affliction. We are constantly striving to strengthen the relationships and build the level of trust between our companies, and the E&P and EPCs we are or want to do business with. After all, that's what leads to more business isn't it?


"At the end of the day, you want to be the controller of your future and your destiny" believes Trevor Montgomery, VP Administration for Longhorn, previously Fill Movers Inc.

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