City Vision campaign update for the Local Government Elections 2013

Unitary Plan - the highs and lows

This week the business of Council has been dominated by the Unitary Plan deliberations. Councillors have been going through the plan section by section and voting on what should be notified.

City Vision's Cr Cathy Casey and Board Chairs Peter Haynes and Shale Chambers have been central to the discussions. In an unique arrangement Local Boards have joined Councillors at the table (with speaking rights only).  There have been highs and lows after 3 solid days of meetings:
  • A win for affordable housing - Cr Cathy Casey's amendment on inclusionary housing was passed. Details here
  • The "bin the mins" campaign led by Generation Zero was partially successful when Cr Brewer's amendments to increase off street party requirements was resoundingly defeated
  • Decisions on school zones, parking, Ports of Auckland and big box retail all covered here
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Who we are

A coalition of Greens, Labour and community independents standing for Local Government in 2013.  We are committed to keeping our assets, giving local communities a voice, a city with a heart, and real transport choice for Aucklanders. More about what we stand for here.

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A first for City Vision

For the first time City Vision is running a full team of 7 for the Auckland District Health Board. They are an impressive line up of candidates with complementary skills and experience. We are working to ensure that current members Jo Agnew and Robyn Northey are joined by their City Vision Health colleagues to end the C&R dominance of the Board.

You can read more about the team and their policies here

The Issues

A living wage: City Vision is committed to a living wage for Auckland Council.

The State of Auckland:   Significant challenges lie ahead for Auckland but does the first Super City Council deserve more than a B grade? AUT's assessment here in a new report

Opening up the coast: City Vision is committed to a walkway on public reserve land around the Westmere coast. Should a few residents be able to stop it? Hearings started last week.

More stories from the week here

Our people

Our thoughts are with colleague and City Vision candidate Lisa Loveday after the sudden loss of her husband John Druzianic. Lisa is an inspiration

Out on the coalface of the campaign your City Vision and Roskill Community Voice candidates have had a busy weekend door knocking. Here is what Tricia, Deborah and Russell got up to in Ponsonby

The rugby season ended on Saturday for coach and candidate Godfrey Rudolph
Authorised by Robert Gallagher, 15 Torrance Street, Auckland.
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