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Hello, Reader!

What's this? Another newsletter from Janine at UPPERCASE magazine? Well yes—and no. My weekly Tuesday missive tends to focus on what I'm working on, behind the scenes at the magazine and peeks into upcoming content, calls for participation, sales, etc. That will continue as usual. But this newsletter is all about YOU!

You're all so talented and I'd love for you to be able to make connections with fellow readers. I've had this idea for this newsletter for a while, but in the weeks leading up to the holidays, I thought now would be the perfect time to share the things you make and the things you love. 

I also receive so many great submissions that I can't always fit into printed pages that deserve to be shared. 

The welcome image above is by Anita Zilis. Using paint, collage and washi tape, Anita upcycles FedEx envelopes and boxes rescued from the recycle bin. "I absolutely love mail," she describes. "My heart swoons with the thought of my recipients opening their mailboxes and seeing my colourful creations. I want to share joy and I hope my bright packages bring people a smile." 

Hopefully this newsletter will brighten your day as well!

I'll send "All about You" on the weekends. If you like this newsletter and want me to keep sending it to your inbox, let me know by clicking a checkmark here:[UNIQID]. Either way, you'll hear from me on Tuesday. Now, let's get to know some UPPERCASE readers!

products and picks from UPPERCASE readers 

For this inaugural newsletter, I've compiled these picks from Instagram and past submissions. Want to be featured here in the weeks to come? Submit something you make, like or love to this form

by Crystal Reynolds

I make undated planners that compliment our busy digital lives. You can choose from daily or weekly custom-made wire-o coil books made with high quality paper stock. 

Artwork by 
Kathy Cameron

My artwork reveals my passion for history and seeing beauty in the “old”. I am inspired by the rich colour and delicate markings that occur over time on paper and ephemera.

Boolah Baguette
by Erin Weiss

I love working with textiles, illustrations, colour, pattern, and cute things. New elves, little ladies and gents, and animals headed to my Etsy shop on Tuesday the 10th! 

Sewn Illustrations 
by Sara Cunha

I am a Portuguese illustrator living in London. I enjoy working with different mediums, such as drawing, stencil, papercuts and digital illustration. Sewing is one of my most recent experiments.

Sew Hazy
by Hazel Harrison

My pouches are designed to make sure you can keep all your stuff together. Perfect as a make up bag, wash bag, clutch, or pencil case. Available in the Sew Hazy Etsy shop.

Chic & Basta
design from Quebec

Bonjour! We are Manon Martin and Louis Durocher, husband and wife. Our shop Chic & Basta is a new and our mission is to support and promote Quebec creators and designers.

Sheri Schumacher

What is your life story in one or two paragraphs? 
My creative path was informed by the multi-cultural experiences of my childhood, training in design, profession as a design educator, and through working in creative communities with other designers and artists. Living in Europe for part of my childhood provided exposure to different cultures, traditions, architecture and design. From an early age I was introduced to Scandinavian furniture in our home, Marimekko fabric of my mother’s clothing and 18th century school building environments. As a 6-year-old nomad I designed airstream trailers in the backseat of a station wagon when my family traveled westward one summer, camping in a canvas tent at all the National Parks. 
Why are you a maker? Why are you passionate about your craft?
I am passionate about the process of discovery through the act of making, creating something out of nothing and the physical engagement with materials. My work is characterized by finding the extraordinary in the ordinary everyday, working as a ‘bricoleur’ using a collection of textiles, leftover oddments and upcycled resources with ingenuity. 
Please describe your workspace:
My workspace is in my home, a large room and entry hall measuring 21 by 13 feet with a 10-foot ceiling, hardwood flooring and light grey walls. One wall of the studio contains windows measuring 7 by 7 feet that provide natural light, which is essential to the detailed stitching and use of color in the work. The space provides storage for a book and fabric collection, table surfaces to machine sew, cut and assemble the fabric, tool storage, objects of inspiration and comfortable seating for reading and hand stitching the quilts.

See more from Sheri on her Behance portfolio.
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