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Dear Reader

It's hard to stay positive when there's such upheaval and uncertainty in the world around us. Pulse, Brexit, Donald Trump, a looming Canada Post strike (more on that below) are taking their toll on my mental energy. I'm sure you're feeling it, too. A dampening feeling. Foreboding, even, if you read the media.

I noticed it today as I was working on the content for the fall issue. Committing to content themes and articles for a new issue is always a stressful process... I have to make sure that the content will appeal to all readers both loyal and new, that it hasn't been done before, that it is exciting enough to me to invest time and financial resources in, that authors and collaborators are available to meet deadlines... there's a lot to consider since the success of an individual issue drives subscriptions, which in turn supports my entire business and my family.

But today I was unduly worried. Then I realized that my worry wasn't wholly about work—it was all those other things affecting my focus. Rather than a to-do list, I had a worry list of things that are absolutely out of my control.

I won't ever be able to solve global problems of intolerance, prejudice or politics. None of us can, by ourselves. But in times like this, making things and turning to craft is ok. And doing it in a like-minded and supportive community (the #quiltsforpulse initiative comes to mind) can be a force for good: both as a cathartic experience for you, the maker, and as a show of support and love to the community. 

So, I'm going to continue assigning content: seeking out images and stories that are uplifting, inclusive and inspiring.

Positivity is a political act.

To my Fellow Canadians
It is looking increasingly likely that that Canada Post will either lock out its workers or there will be a strike. The earliest this can happen is July 2. For subscribers as of June 15, your issues have been mailed and are starting to arrive to Canadian addresses this week. (My Mom just got her copy in Saskatoon yesterday!) My printer, mailing house and I did absolutely everything we could to get this issue in the mail as early as possible but it really is out of our control at this point. For more recent subscribers and customers, we've processed your orders as quickly as we could. Fingers crossed that Canadians receive their issues this week AND that Canada Post and its workers reach an agreement. Our fulfillment warehouse in Toronto has removed Canada Post as a shipping method for the time being.

To my American Subscribers
Your magazines are sent through the United States Postal Service, so nothing to worry about! We also have a US-based warehouse to fulfill all subscriptions and shop orders.

To my Subscribers and Customers Overseas
Your subscription copies were sent via Canada Post as well, but at this point they would have passed on to the postal systems of the respective countries. Delivery times will vary from country to country, but we anticipate issues starting to arrive the second week of July. The new issue is also on its way to our distributor, Central Books in London. Though that is sent by ocean freighter and typically takes a month... so likely closer to the end of July. Likewise for copies destined to our Australian distributor, Trident Magazines. Orders will be fulfilled via our US-based warehouse, so there won't be an interruption.


The UPPERCASE collection with Windham Fabrics is now available in stores! You can find out where it is available on the Windham website.

The photo above is from Gotham Quilt's Instagram feed. "What’s awesome about these fabrics is that they are all essentially blenders… but really, really cool ones! The selection of neutrals in the group is a great addition to any stash, and would work with projects from the most modern to the not-so-modern." Aww, thank you, Andrea and Ivete! 

Gotham Quilts is located in NYC but they offer free shipping in the USA on orders over $80. Plus, they have the UPPERCASE fabric on sale until the end of the month. They have the entire collection and offer bundles, too!

Share what you make #uppercasefabric — I'll be publishing my favourite projects in the fall issue of the magazine.
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Thank you you for embellishing my life and thousands others!!

Cheryl Miller, Colorado

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NEW: Calls for submission for issue 31

ISSUE 31: art, design and creating as performance
Performance can be integral to the completion or experience of a creative work: when actors put on a costume or step out onto a set, when an interactive jewellery piece is worn, when music and animation come together, when an exhibition is experienced by its audience—it is not until the performance that the work is fully realized. UPPERCASE’s new open call is looking for your performance-based art and design. Theatrical design, puppetry, performance art, exhibition and event design—please submit images and a brief writeup to the open call. Form closes on July 18. Please view the submission form here.

ISSUE 31: Design / Identity
How what you make reflects who you are

In an essay up to 350 words, please respond to the following: Creating and making can be a deeply personal experience. How does what you make reflect who you are? How is your personality displayed or demonstrated by what you make or do as a creative person? How much of your self-identity is tied in with what you do or make? Form closes on July 18. View the submission for here

NEW for ISSUE 31: Subscriber Studios
We'll be featuring tours of UPPERCASE magazine subscriber studios in the magazine and in the weekly newsletters. Share your workspace, studio or corner of the dining room... wherever it is that you create. Submit here.
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