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16 July 2014


Supermarkets subsidise tax increases on the cheapest drinks according to research by the University of Sheffield. It suggests the impact of price rises on harmful drinkers - those most sensitive to price changes - have been undermined by supermarket tactics to keep customers attracted in store. Read more..

The Government has announced further Responsibility Deal pledges from alcohol industry partners, on super-strength drinks, promotion and education. Read more..

The Home Office has funded a pilot 'Alcohol Impact' scheme across seven Universities in England and Wales in a bid to “create a social norm of responsible alcohol consumption by students.” Read more..

Reports and publications

Public Health England has published its 2014 to 2015 business plan, setting out its objectives - including ambitions around alcohol - for the coming year. Read more..

A new Alcohol Concern report looking at the impact of the public health transfer suggests the local strategic prioritisation of alcohol may not be being matched by investment in services. Although most local authorities say they expect alcohol funding to stay the same or increase, many treatment providers were concerned or had recently experienced cuts.

new report by the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of GPs and the Association of British Neurologists calls for clinical commissioning groups to support services that provide specialist care for patients with alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD). 

A report by Addaction's Alcohol and Crime Commission has called for more to be done in prisons to address alcohol misuse, particularly amongst non-dependent drinkers. Read more..


The annual Statistics on Alcohol for England 2014 report shows falling consumption over the last ten years, including amongst those reporting drinking above the recommended guidelines and school pupils. However alcohol-related hospital admissions may still be on the rise, reflecting a lag effect of decades of rising consumption. Read more..

WHO's Global status report on alcohol and health 2014 shows Europe is the region with the highest consumption of alcohol per capita, with some of its countries (including the UK) having particularly high consumption rates. Read more..

A five-year study by the Lesbian & Gay Foundation with the University of Central Lancashire into drug and alcohol use among lesbian, gay and bisexual people in England found significant substance dependency problems in the community.  Read more..



Presentations from the Alcohol Research UK 2014 annual conference are now available here.

Presentations from Professor Ian Gilmore and others are available following the May launch of the South London Alcohol Health Innovation Network, here.

Alcohol Hidden Harm Toolkit has been released to support managers, commissioners and practitioners involved in designing, assessing or improving Alcohol Hidden Harm services for children and families.

The increasing availability of online alcohol resources for both individuals and professionals raises questions over the exact role these should play in helping prevent and support those with alcohol problems. Read more..  A roundup of the latest IBA resources (including a training app) and debates is here.

This is a digest of news and information for the UK alcohol harm reduction field, brought to you by the Alcohol Academy.

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