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Next Network Meeting: 31st October

The next IBA network event will take place on 31st October 2013 in London. The event will include a presentation on the new ‘IBA Minimum Standards’ developed by Alcohol Concern on behalf of the SSLP
Network members can register to attend the next event or request further details by contacting
Safe Sociable London Partnership

Monthly Update

Access the SSLP September update here for info on:
  • Findings of the pilot project with HAGA and St Mungo's
  • National Referral System
  • IBA London Strategic Leadership Group
  • IBA Commissioning Project - An Update
  • Soft launch of the London Minimum Standard for Identification and Brief Advice (IBA)
  • Register for the Public Health and Licensing Master Class Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Upcoming Events

Case studies wanted!

We are seeking short 'real life' IBA experiences to help practitioners understand IBA delivery through real world examples.

We are after examples described in just a few sentences or so - if you have any please get in touch!

IBA practitioners’ Network Newsletter

Issue 4 • September 2013

This is a newsletter for the London IBA Practitioners’ Network. The Network aims to promote and support the delivery of alcohol IBA in London. It is open to front-line practitioner roles from tier 1 settings such as Primary Care, Hospital, Criminal Justice or any other health, social or other community settings.
The newsletter aims to highlight relevant news, updates, research and events to support members of the Network and those interested in delivering IBA in London.

Want to join the network or get in touch?
Eligible front line roles based in London can apply to join the free Network – please email for more information.

The IBA blog
The Alcohol IBA blog ( is a contributor led blog which aims to share news, ideas and links for alcohol brief interventions. Recent posts from the IBA blog:
An EBI case study: where are the rest?
Last year, I delivered an Extended Brief Alcohol Intervention (EBI) program called It’s Your Choice... The aim was to reduce alcohol related harm in Sefton by providing EBI in the form of a one to one coaching service. Read more here...

Talking or Testing? Which is easier?
I recently read a brilliant insight from Dr. Richard Saitz on the INEBRIA Google Group – he was commenting on a discussion about doctors objecting to IBA delivery on the grounds that it is ‘additional work’.Read more here...

Brief Advice bullets: reducing hangovers?
Not everyone gets hangovers – a study from Boston University found that  as many as 30% of people may be immune to them. But for those of us that are susceptible, one must assume they act as a powerful preventative agent... Read more here...

EBI: lost in the shadow of IBA?
Over recent years there has been a strong policy focus on IBA... a big issue though is whether Extended Brief Interventions (EBI) have been left in the shadow of simple IBA?.. Read more here...

Other key IBA blog posts include:
You can also follow the blog on twitter at  and use the hashtag #alcoholiba for any related tweets.

IBA Network: over 100 members!

The IBA Network now has over 100 members from a range of settings across London. We are keen to hear any ideas on how the Network can help to support members and front-line roles in the delivery of IBA. Let us know if you have any!

The fourth London IBA Practitioners’ Network: event summmary

The fourth London IBA Practitioners’ Network took place 20th June 2013. A full event write up is available here and a brief summary of the day is below:
- The day included a further optional IBA ‘train the trainer’ session to support members in the roll-out of IBA training and support
- A presentation from Don Lavoie about Public Health England’s role in working with local authorities to improve public health - presentation slides can be found here.
- Andy Mills from St Mungos talked about a research project to test if IBA is useful and can work with client groups with complex needs, such as those housed by Mungo’s (see write up for more)
- A presentation from John Issit of Resonant Media on the principles of social marketing and how they could be used by the Network presentation slides can be found here

London Pharmacy IBA Scratch Card project

A pan-London pharmacy initiative that distributed over 24,000 'IBA scratch cards' has published a UCL evaluation report detailing the project. The report indicates the potential for community pharmacies to deliver lifestyle interventions. See here for a Alcohol Policy UK write-up.

Alcohol statistics under threat?

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has opened a consultation on axing some of its statistical products, including alcohol related data - Alcohol Policy UK report here. Alcohol Concern urge all that use alcohol data in their work to respond to the consultation here.
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