IBA Network Newsletter: news and updates for London practitioners

IBA Network update: 2014 plans

The IBA Network has some further SSLP funding for 2014 - if you have any views or suggestions on what you would like to see, such as events or other activities, please let us know.

The Network has over 100 members from a range of settings across London but are we are still open to front line roles - please encourage any to join!

IBA speaker wanted!

Mentor UK are planning an event looking at brief interventions for young people and looking for a front line role to talk about their experience of IBA.

If you'd be interested in presenting on your experiences in IBA delivery please contact 020 7553 9926 for more information.
Safe Sociable London Partnership

Monthly Update

Access the SSLP monthy updates here
The December update includes information on :
  • The AIMS project on IBA & EBI in Homeless Settings
  • South London Health Innovation Network (SL HIN)
  • An update on the IBA London Strategic Leadership Group
  • The fourth London Licensing Network event
  • An IBA Resource Pack developed for Alcohol Awareness Week
Contact for further information on the SSLP
Selected updates from the alcohol field via Alcohol Policy UK

IBA Practitioners’ Network Newsletter

Issue 5 • January 2014

This is a newsletter for the London IBA Practitioners’ Network. The Network aims to promote and support the delivery of alcohol IBA in London by front-line practitioner roles.
The newsletter aims to highlight relevant news, updates, research and events to support members of the Network and those interested in delivering IBA in London.

Want to join the network or get in touch?
Eligible front line roles based in London can apply to join the free Network – please email for more information.
The IBA blog
The Alcohol IBA blog ( aims to share news, ideas and links for alcohol brief interventions. Want to contribute? Let us know!
Clarifying Brief Interventions: 2013 update – beware ‘IBA lite’?
Since the original 2010 briefing, the key issues that seemed to need attention for the 2013 Clarifying Brief Interventions update appeared quite different.. . Read more here...

Can ‘nudge’ help IBA delivery?
There may be some simple ‘nudges’ for supporting IBA delivery that are being overlooked. ‘Nudge theory’ became popular following  .Read more here...

Selincro & IBA
Selincro or 'Nalmafene' is a new drug for treatment of mild to moderate dependence in conjunction with psychosocial interventions. This post raises some very important issues and concerns... Read more here...

Are we using social media enough to enhance alcohol working?
In this guest post Richard Gratton, a specialist substance misuse nurse writes about the missed social media opportunities for the field... Read more here...

IBA – before addiction sets in…
One of the fundamental points about IBA is that it is an early intervention – a chance for a drinker to change their alcohol use before it becomes a problem. Read more here...

Other key IBA blog posts include:
You can also follow the blog on twitter at  and use the hashtag #alcoholiba for any related tweets.

The fifth IBA Network event: summary

The fifth London IBA Practitioners’ Network took place 31st October 2013.
A full event write up is available here and overview of the day is below:
- A presentation from Mike Ward (Alcohol Concern) about the London Minimum Standards - soon to be released.

- A presentation from Dr. Shahid Dadabhoy, GP, on 'Making IBA happen: a busy GP’s perspective'

- An update on the Network and next steps for taking it forward

NICE guidance on 'Behaviour change: individual approaches (PH49)'

NICE have released new guidance to promote and support individual level behaviour change.

The guidance covers policy, commissioning and practice aspects of implementing individual 'behaviour change' interventions relating to alcohol, diet, physical activity, sex and smoking.

See here for an Alcohol Policy UK report looking at its relevance for IBA.

IBA case studies wanted!

We are seeking short 'real life' IBA experiences to help practitioners understand IBA delivery through real world examples.

We are after examples described in just a few sentences or so - if you have any please get in touch!

Dry January sees boom in 2013

Alcohol Concern's Dry January site reports 17,312 people officially took part in their 2014 Dry January challenge. Although IBA is usually about cutting down, a period off might be a good option for some.

See here for an Alcohol Concern summary or an Alcohol Policy UK report exploring the debate over the pros and cons.
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