Why there are no free tickets for the Outcome conference 2023, in Chandigarh.


10-11 February. Chandigarh

My restaurant—Outcome

Just as people own a company, a restaurant, a saloon, a travel agency, or a retail fashion store, Outcome is my product.

How often it happens that you visit your friend's restaurant and ask for free food. Or, a free of cost haircut if they own a saloon.

Imagine that you walk into a mall and you like a new sportswear wear jacket. Will you pick it assuming that it is free or you will feel ready to pay for it? Now think how Outcome is different as a product?

Why no free tickets for Outcome 2023

(A) If you cannot spend, it is not worth spending time: If you see that this kind of
technology conference in Chandigarh program is not useful for you, then you need a free ticket? 

(B) You cannot afford it. Think of your current subscriptions of Netflix or Amazon Prime, on a gym or a club membership, and family outings in the last three months. This is your lifestyle and the choices of how you live. Then how about a fraction of that investment in your own work-self? Not sure? Can you open your bank’s card statement of the last twelve months and see how much you had spent

—in a saloon
—in a coffee shop
—on a road trip
—for the late payment charges on a bill
—for a movie
—on a new belt or a wrist band
—on a digital accessory
—on a new coat
—on buying a new pack of buy-two-get-one offer on muesli
—or on the car wash?

Now think again if you need a free ticket?
PS: If you can give me one reason of why you deserve a FREE ticket for the Outcome 2023, I might think about it. Write to me at


Ten talks. International speakers. Amazing food. Lots of discussions. Some contests for you. Your personal branding. Be on the stage. Sell and hire. In Chandigarh.

And yes, you might get free hugs. Promised.

The value is in the paid ticket, get one now ->

There are no free tickets for the Outcome conference 2023 in Chandigarh, as shared by Vinish Garg.

The added incentives for the attendees

  • You are not a speaker but you can enter a draw where we shall select three random names from the attendees and they can speak on the stage for a short ten-minutes talk. Isn't it great?
  • Enjoy the amazing food while talking about work, life, career, clients, teams, culture, and the spinach toasts with the fellow participants. We have enough stories of how two founders met in a conference and together they build something great in the future.
  • Chandigarh—the city is a huge incentive in itself.

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