No free tickets, for Outcome, a UX narrative design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.
(No means No.)

I have said it a few times when someone asks for a free ticket. I think it is important for all of us to understand why there are NO FREE tickets for any conference. I have borrowed this message from a TNW post, the credits are listed towards the end of this blog-post-like email.

(A) FREE has no value

Just imagine that you walk into a mall or into a sports kits store, and you see an option to either pick a jacket free of cost or to pay for it. Likewise for a sports kit. Would you pick it free of cost or you will rather pay for it happily if you see the value?

Free has no value. Think about it. We appreciate the utility when we make an investment. If you think about the conference ticket as a lottery, then it is just an option. And our work is NOT optional.
(Raise your right hand if you agree with this point.)

(B) If you cannot spend, it is not worth spending time: I know founders, product leaders, and VP in sales and marketing who host and join tech meetups. The objective is to find opportunities for work, for skills exchange, or to partner. Calculate how much time you spend in attending such 6-7 meetups, and around what kind of network of networks. Outcome gives you all of these plus a lot more, in a single day. If the conference is NOT useful for you, then why you need a free ticket? :)

(C) Conference costs to me: I started planning Outcome in October 2019. It involves work such as planning the call for speakers, call for sponsors, set up the website, venue and logistics, food and giveaways, tickets pricing and registrations, branding vendor, and then running the show for all the announcements. The conference is self-funded, I offer stay for international speakers, and invest in so many small things to make a conferenceX for you. It costs to me. The revenue generated by the tickets just makes me run the show. (Raise your right hand again if you understand this part.)

(D) Is it expensive? Recall how much you end up spending on a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, in Starbucks or a microbrewery, on your gym or a club membership. when compared, the Outcome ticket is not at all expensive if you see it through the lens of your Jira, Slack, Trello, or Notion pages. Try again!

(E) You are a leader or a VIP: In that case, you can easily afford to buy it. The argument is over.

(F) You are my friend: You have the right to seek favor, and you asked for it. Fair enough. Now it is my turn to seek favor, will you buy the ticket?
How about that?
PS: If you can give me one reason of why you deserve a FREE ticket for the Outcome conference, I might think about it. Write to me at

*source: TheNextWeb

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