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This is my weekly email for Outcome 2023.

Can we talk about our dream project, employer, manager, or company? For example is there a company or product or manager to whom you will NOT say No, if given a chance to work with them now?

Let me explain with examples:
—I always find Miro's pricing as very complicated and poorly designed. They are such a good product and a good company, I would love to work on their pricing page UX.
—Slack's pricing is unclear in multiple ways, their prompts and CTA to upgrade when we are using Slack are poorly designed.
—Intercom's account switching UX is confusing and I am often lost while moving from one account to another (including once in last month).


What are the products or organizations you want to work with, and why? If you are not sure, it means you do not talk to yourself enough. Please do it.

Hit reply and tell me who are your dream managers, brands, products you want to work with, and why. OR, there is a better option.

Send it as a talk proposal for the Outcome 2023—you never know who watches your talk or comes to know about your talk in the conference promotions. You have a chance.



The incentive

Outcome welcomes you to Chandigarh—do we need any other incentive?

As I have tweeted it in the past (see below), you cannot see a better example of a city if you are learning digital design, UX, navigation and findability, information design, or content strategy. 

Vinish Garg talks about Chandigarh and its architecture in terms of system thinking, in a newsletter for their UX conference—Outcome 2023.

Vinish Garg talks about Chandigarh and its architecture in a system thinking perspective, in their newsletter for the UX conference—Outcome 2023.

Speaking at Outcome also means

  • International visibility as the Outcome speaker
  • Self-clarity of the topic that you present and discuss with the audience
  • More value to your resume (if you work as an employee), or profile if you work as an independent
  • More meaningful connections with the conference audience in person, and with the audience who finds you via Outcome
  • Much more...

(If traveling to Chandigarh caught your eye for a minute, watch out for my next email on 18 August where I plan to talk about Chandigarh exclusively for how the city adds a new new and important dimension to how we plan our digital work.)


And do me a favor, forward this email to your friends or peers, they might say thank you to you some day.


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