So what?

This was the first lesson I learned on the first day of my class while studying journalism.
The fundamental promise of any NEWS is:

What happened (burglary, new government policy, school timings changed, budget analysis... )
So what (so what if whatever happened? Why should people care? How does it matter to anyone or to all.... )


Now think about your work!

What? (you developed a new crypto wallet, a healthcare app, a PM tool, a services framework, an HR solution...)
So what (why the world should care? Except for a few people who are your leads, customers, or employees (or maybe your mom), why should anyone care? 

- Broadcast your strengths!
- Discuss your skills!
- Share your work.
- Showcase your capabilities.
- Speak to strangers about what you are doing.
- Share an example of how you won or lost a milestone.
- Invest in your unknown network for possible gains if you have nothing to lose. And if you are doing amazingly well, why not to share your victories and the triumph?

Make it count!!
Join us at the Outcome 2020, 08 February, in Chandigarh.

Tickets. 08 February 2020. Chandigarh.

PS: A quick list of Outcome ticket hacks to help you save some money:

- 20% discount for 20 minutes, daily.
- Free pass for Outcome members. (link)
- Group discount, buy 3 and get 1 free. (link)
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Our Friends


Outcome has partnered with AirCare, a tool that can help you understand this impact caused by your flights. The good part is that you CAN do something about it. 
Check out the announcement at the Outcome website and take a minute to know your flights' impact on the climate. 


Outcome partners with Thisten–an audio-to-text platform that transcribes conversations in real-time, on your device in your hand. Outcome 2020 will be accessible through live captioning on Thisten.

Modulor Capital

Modulor Capital is a VC focused on SaaS tech (

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Share the goodness.

Your friends may thank you someday!

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