Thisten is an Outcome sponsor, a UX narrative design conference, in Chandigarh, on 08 February 2020.
** F O R W A R D  this email if you read it till the end below.

In products, we violate all kinds of accessibility principles!
No hang on, I know it is hard to admit but we do.

We rarely care how the *differently-abled* will use our product?
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I am so proud to announce one of our sponsors - Thisten!

Get your favorite talks, transcribed right to your device.

Outcome partners with Thisten – an audio-to-text 
platform that transcribes conversations in real-time. 
Yes, you read it right. The Outcome 2020 will be accessible through live captioning on Thisten. 

Imagine two participants who have difficulty in hearing the speaker! They may be even reluctant to buy the ticket, today. So, you can do a great favor to share this news in your network that

Thisten will give the Outcome talks, transcribed on your device, in real-time. Have you experienced anything like that in an event? Go, and share the joy!

We are in 2020, and we all are committed to inclusive growth.
And remember that it comes back to us. Just as compassion comes back to us. Also, just as not doing it enough when we can do, comes back to us. 

F O R W A R D this email to all your friends and you can make at least one individual with hearing-impairments, enjoy the conference like all of us do.

If you promise to come back from YouTube to this email and think about the difference you can make, see how it works.
Thisten, as the official sponsor of Outcome 2020, Chandigarh.

Thank you, Ben, and the entire team at Thisten!


  • Get your tickets today and confirm your seat to be among the audience listening to the amazing line-up of speakers. 
  • Showcase your product, services, or framework as the call for sponsors is still open.

Be there. 08 February 2020. Chandigarh

Vinish Garg
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